I have found physiocomestoyou to not only be excellent in their discipline but to also be reliable. I have been seen regularly for the last 3 years by them in my nursing home to work at maintaining my independence for as long as possible and recommend highly to anyone wanting the same. They are adaptable to each individuals situation and can see you at times that work for you.  (Jeremy Vaughan)

In this day and age when it's hard enough to fit in the day to day things you need to do, coming across Physiocomestoyou was a breath of fresh air. Not only will they fit in to your needs and requirements, but the service you receive is exceptional. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and always helpful. I cannot recommend them highly enough.  (Ruth Beadle) 

Leanne could not be better! She was always encouraging and positive and she related to me perfectly.  (Harriet Sebag-Montefiore)

My experience with Physiocomestoyou has been a very good one. Problems were always patiently and sensitively treated, and the physio was sensitive to my limitations. Appointments were always punctual and never cancelled. I would certainly recommend physiocomestoyou.  (Ruth Rothbarth)

My physio was very professional and thorough with her diagnosis, treatment and aftercare. Physiocomestoyou was a personal recommendation from a colleague. My initial draw was the fact she worked very flexible hours. I could be seen for my appointment at 7am every week which meant limited time was lost at work. She was quick in identifying a muscular impingement in my left shoulder. A series of sessions helped cure the problem. I was extremely impressed with the service and highly recommend Physiocomestoyou. I am now pain free!!  (Thomas Ballentyne)

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with Maria. Mum has seen many physios over the last 8 months and believes that Maria is 'better than all the others' to quote her. I thought she was very thorough in her first examination and has since used different techniques to loosen my mother's body which has really helped her. We envisage continuing to use Maria over the next few months as we are so pleased. I just thought it was useful for you to have this feedback and thanks for all your help.  (Scott Blanchard)

Thank you to Rhian for helping my mother who is now much better.  (Richard Fane) 

My Physio, Emma, is excellent, punctual and highly recommendable. I am still in treatment and her advice is allowing me to make huge steps to full mobility after my knee replacement.  (Peter Cooney)

The whole concept of Physio Comes To You is brilliant and I think every area of England would benefit.  (Daphne Dunn) 

Leanne has been amazing!! She is talented and wonderful and so professsional - I am very impressed by her.  

I'd like to reiterate again how pleased Chris and I were with Katalin.  From the very first visit to the last one she was extremely professional, very knowledgeable and approachable.  When you have somebody coming into your home you always want to feel confortable with that person and that is exactly how we felt.  We would be happy to recommend your services should the need arise.

It has also been nice speaking to [secretary] too, you've always been pleasant and helpful whenever I've called the office.  (Sarah Richards)

Thank you. I just wanted to say what an excellent therapist Srikanth was.  His knowledge and help he gave me was perfect. Thank you again for your support.  (Peter Culver)

Thanks for your help last night Srikanth. I'm feeling a lot better today. Thank you.  (Fiona)

Rebecca Garrod was excellent in every way.  (John Scott-Oldfield)

I am so grateful to Emma for the treatment at this important recovery time. (Rosalind Wolfe)

Katalin was an excellent therapist.  She was professional, caring and very flexible about appointments.  I felt very confident in her judgement and looked forward to our meetings.  Everything was explained very clearly and I felt safe and relaxed in our sessions.  It was very easy to make contact with the office and [Company Manager] was friendly and helpful when we spoke; understanding about my hospital treatments which made booking some sessions a bit difficult.  I would highly recommend Physiocomestoyou Ltd. It was convenient not having to go to the clinic when I was feeling ill and the therapy I had was outstanding.  (Sue Weakley)

We had Maria Kanaki as my father's Physiotherapist. She was very professional and friendly. Very good in her job and was always very considerate. I felt comfortable leaving my Dad on her supervision.  She is an absolute star!!  (Preeti Chawla)

I called on Physiocomestoyou because I had concerns about my 14 month old son's development. Within minutes of arriving at our home, Tori [Healey] had understood what the issue was and given it a name, which helped when talking to my GP and his nursery. Tori was friendly and professional. Se was great with my son despite the fact that he cried throughout the sessions. Tori showed me what to do with him and after only one session there was a difference and after three, he was much better. I really believe that my son would not have made the progress he did so quickly without the support of Tori.  (Debbie Wooff) 

I was extremely pleased with Maria Kanaki; she was very calming during what was often quite challenging treatment, particularly at the start, and found her to be extremely effective and beneficial during my recovery. Always very prompt for the appointments and we were very happy to have her in our home. I will certainly let Mr Jonathan Webb [Orthopaedic Surgeon] know how well your practice works and how pleased I am with the results and service you offer. Thank you very much.  (Eugenie Owen)

To start off I was dubious about the service, but when I was offered an appointment the following day I was really happy. The Physiotherapist was on time and was very informative and helpful. I felt she was very professional and worked well on me. I found her very gentle and she gave me the time and support I needed to perform the recommended exercises.  Being a medical doctor I feel I am very critical, but I have to say that the physiotherapist Zoe was above my expectations and was fantastic. I would highly recommend this service. So far I am doing well and have continued the advice provided and have been performing my exercises religiously. Thank you.  (Dr Faryal Mahar) 

We are very pleased with the service and everybody we have had contact with has been very helpful and polite.  My husband is paralysed and community physio's do not seem to have the specialist knowledge to address his needs or can only provide 6 sessions without re referral from a GP which is not enough to show results.  We are having to self fund this service on limited income so unfortunately we may only be able to use the service for a limited period. Otherwise we are very happy with the service.  (Hazel Porter)

Tori Healey was brilliant. She is great with children, very knowledgeable, practical and was focused and firm while being playful.  She was very flexible with times and days of appointments.  She achieved great results, much better than I was expecting – we owe her a big debt for getting our son’s arm back to full working order.  (Liz Webb)

The physio was patient, informative and respectful to my mother without being patronising.  He showed genuine concern and knowledge and considered different things for her situation.  He answered any queries we had about her condition.  My mother felt comfortable with him. (Sandra Pereira)

I was very satisfied with the service from Physiocomestoyou. Appointment was quick and easy to organise with flexible hours. The physiotherapist was very professional and very friendly and helpful. She gave us lots of good advice and we would definitely use the service again in the future. I would have no hesitation in recommending Physiocomestoyou.  (Gerri Ryan)

I’m very happy with your service. My physio is very good. She is polite, and always turns up on time.  (Ciaran Kelly)

We are very happy with the service you provide. Our physio is warm and friendly with my daughter and has been very thoughtful in providing her with exercises she can do at home. She took photos of my daughter doing her stretches and thought through how she could incorporate them into her daily routine, sending us the photos with descriptions to pin up on the walls to remind her. Fantastic! Thank you.  (Rachael Klug)

The therapist was very professional, friendly and exhumed confidence. I was very satisfied.  (Uvie Brigue)

I found my physio very nice and very professional and I intend to keep on seeing her.  (Colm O'Shea)

I could not happier with my physiotherapist.  She is punctual, helpful and very professional.  For seven years, I was Chairman of the British Olympic Association and worked with a number of Team GB physios.  My physio is right up there with the best.  (Lord Colin Moynihan)

I am extremely satisfied with the service my physio has delivered. She is compassionate, understanding and very professional. She has helped me immensely.  I will definitely recommend her and Physiocomestoyou to anyone in need.  Thank you for fantastic service.  (Shareen Annandale)

I am currently using the services of Physiocomestoyou. It is very straightforward, efficient and I got a first appointment at very short notice. The ladies at the office are very friendly and the physiotherapist is very understanding, patient and professional, he gives me good advice. I am very glad I came across this company. (Nathalie Turchet)

I would like to say that I was very happy indeed with my physio and with the physiotherapy I received. I have continued with the exercises she provided me with and I am now free of any kind of pain or discomfort.  I would be very happy to use this service in the future or to recommend this service to others.  (Jean Gribben)

Zoe was very helpful yesterday and got me moving again which I didn't expect! A great service as I was in no state to go anywhere. (Jennifer Hall)

I have been working with José for the past fifteen months on pre and rehabilitation of my knee after suffering an ACL injury whilst playing football. Having worked with José  for this amount of time I can honestly say that my recovery would never have been what it is today had it not been for his dedication, perseverance and support both physically as well as mentally.  He has always encouraged and motivated me throughout what has been a tough and at times frustrating journey - that at times frankly felt like a nightmare. Had it not been for his support and his single-minded focus, I might have given up. So I am truly grateful to José and feel very fortunate to have worked with someone who is not only a professional of the highest order but someone now who I truly do consider my friend.  My injury has had a number of significant setbacks. The initial injury was worse than feared and progress was very slow. However José never let me know about this because it was not relevant or something that I needed to dwell on. Moreover after my surgery I picked up an infection that lasted for close to three months. This made me feel very disheartened - I felt I was catching every bad piece of luck in the book. He never allowed this to impact my recovery or ultimately the end goal of returning to play football fitter and healthier than ever.  The amount I have learned during this process has left me better off than prior to my injury. José imparts knowledge and understanding and that allowed me to understand the entire pre and rehabilitation process. It has been a very rewarding journey.  Finally, I think José is quite frankly a brilliant human being. I trust him absolutely, he pushes, he makes me work hard and has always kept me focused on the end goal. Now that I have reached it we have new goals and I know that I can always count on him for any issues that arise. That's a very reassuring feeling to have.  Quite simply I cannot recommend José more highly - I have been so lucky to have worked with him and I can only hope all his patients recognise just how lucky they are!   (Yashan Cama)

My first appointment went very well and Emma was great.  It’s brilliant that you come to us as it makes life much easier for me as I am on crutches.  (Fiona Hope)

Marc is very capable and experienced with an excellent attitude.  

 I had a foot operation on 25 November and my first physio session on 12 December with a follow up session on 18 December. Zoe from Physiocomestoyou is very friendly, pleasant and efficient, and the sessions were clearly beneficial. I am looking forward to my next session in the New Year. Physiocomestoyou was also very helpful in dealing with my private insurer  (Maya Barr)

Very impressed - professional, helpful and thorough.  Really great to get support in school.  (Katie O’Donohue)

Our physio came to see us last week and she was excellent. We have a few sessions booked in the diary. A very positive experience! Many thanks.  (Sam Basing)

Very impressed - professional, helpful and thorough.  Really great to get support in school.  (Katie O’Donohue)

I was in considerable pain and was struggling to stand up as I couldn't straighten my back.  Maria Kanaki came out to my house on two separate occasions.  She slowly got me to make a number of moves and exercises as well as massaging my back.  This made a tremendous difference.  After the first visit I was able to move quite a bit more freely and the pain was significantly reduced.  Progress continued with the second visit and I was able to move a lot more and stop taking painkillers.  Maria made a massive difference and I am extremely grateful to her.  I could not possibly have got to a physio [clinic] and it was a weekend.  [Furthermore] it was brilliant to have a physio come to my house within 24 hours of my making contact.  The service was excellent and I would not hesitate to contact Physiocomestoyou again if I was suffering from similar back problems again.  Thanks from a satisfied customer.  (Stephen H Alexander)

Excellent services, thanks - already it has made a difference.  Wish I had started earlier.  (Alex Barlow)

We found our physio to be a very pleasant and a highly competent professional. We would not hesitate in recommending him or Physiocomestoyou Ltd to our friends.  (Ruth Lambden)

We are very happy with Mrs. Feely's Physiotherapist.  She's very attentive and encouraging, which has meant Mrs. Feely performs her exercises very well.  We would recommend her 100% to friends and family.  (Rosemary Pierolt)

I was very satisfied with your service thank you.  My call was returned within 3 hours, and the physiotherapist arrived within about 3 further hours. I thought she was knowledgeable and really helped.  She also followed up after 48 hours.  (Cheryl Hemingway)

Lindsey was fantastic.  Warm, friendly and really thorough.  We really enjoyed meeting her and trust her professional judgement. She has laid our worries to rest, concerning Rosie's tip-toe walking.  (Eve Kimerling)

My physio is a very good professional physiotherapist.  He gave me some very good and practical exercises and I have been doing very well.  I'm very happy with your service.  (Mabel Hennche)

Our physio was lovely and most helpful.  (Maitland Ford)

Thank you for a wonderful caring service.  (Sally Friend)

I'm very impressed by Lindsey's knowledge and positivity we are really looking forward to seeing her again.  (Natalie McDougall)

Thanks to Zoe's efforts my foot, ankle and knee are doing well. My crutches have been put away in a cupboard and I'm working hard in the gym and the pool doing the exercises that Zoe prescribed. Having been hopping about on crutches for much of 2012 and again at the end of 2013, I'm very much hoping to get though 2014 on two feet!

Thanks again to Physiocomestoyou for your support. It was great having Zoe come to me at home, so that all the exercises she gave me were designed around my staircase or kitchen.  And I didn't have to worry about getting to and back from anywhere. I wish you all much success with the business.  (Toni Charlton)

Kate was really excellent. Her lovely manner and really professional approach gave me so much confidence at a time when I was really in need of help and support. I thought she had very high standards in all aspects of her work and I couldn't praise her more highly.  (Carolyn Tabor)

Jose is one of the best physios I've ever had. He is committed and very serious, very professional, and has pleasant manners. I can recommend him warmly.  (Heidi Robine)

The service is brilliant.  (Babs Thomson)

Victoria was really lovely, helpful and reassuring and showed me some stretches to do with Alex.  (Marina Muscat)

I have been very impressed with the admin from yourselves and the level of care offered by James Bradley.  Thank You.  (Yasmin Golar)

I could not possibly be happier!  Emma is fantastic.  (David Esdaile) 

Our physio was impeccable with her professionalism and we appreciate as well the efficiency of her fellow team members at Physiocomestoyou.  Thanks for a great service, we will definitely call upon yourselves again should the need arise.  Keep up the genuine good work, as all good work is evidence that people are loving the work they do, and that never goes unrewarded in life. (Mr and Mrs Spuri-Cerilli) 

Lindsey was absolutely fantastic; very knowledgeable, extremely thorough and more importantly, very informative.  She was here for a very long time taking down history and then assessing our son. She even followed up the appointment with an email for referrals to specialists for our GP.  We were very impressed, and taking into account we have probably seen over half a dozen different physiotherapists over the years, she is by far the best we have seen.  The rest of your therapists have a lot to keep up to to match her standards.  Thank you so much for Lindsey.  (Mike Dansey)

Lesley came to see Dad on Saturday.  She arrived on time and was cheerful and upbeat throughout the meeting.  She took time to understand the circumstances and went through a number of questions and tests with Dad to ensure that she knew what needed to be addressed.  She checked the bathroom and bedroom too to make sure that he had the right equipment and made contact with the GP surgery on Monday to ask for an Oocupational Health Visit.  On hearing that Dad had been taken into hospital, she got in touch to pass on her best wishes and to let us know she was there to help if needed when he is discharged.  All in all she was very pleasant, easy to get on with, confident and competent.  She really made you feel that Dad would be looked after and it was a really refreshing change to have a health professional who was easy to deal with.  (Alison Kidgell)

We have been extremely happy with Marc. He highlighted some problem areas which prompted us to go to the hospital. Had he not helped with the issue I may still be suffering from what was found to be a clot.  We are very happy with his service.  (Luke Fitton)

Charlie was excellent. A great physio and just what we needed. We'd recommend her strongly to anyone.  (Harry Bingham)

My experience with Physiocomestoyou has been very positive. My initial inquiry was responded to promptly and efficiently; and a visit arranged very quickly. My therapist is very helpful and after two sessions, I am already feeling better.  As I am working full time, having home visits is extremely convenient and has saved me a lot of hassle.  I would definitely recommend your services and staff as they are helpful, convenient and efficient.  (Anna Krawiec)

We were very pleased with the prompt and efficient service we received from you.  Our physiotherapist attended on time and was very charming and knowledgeable.  (Kathy Hodgson)

Sara was very understanding, thorough, professional and conscientious.  (Sallie Eden)

I was truly satisfied with the treatment I received. Prity was lovely and made me feel very relaxed.  (Christina Stylianoo)

Very impressive and efficient service.  Marc Nyte has been wonderful to date.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Physiocomestoyou  (Charlotte Robinson)

I found Maria personable, highly professional and knowledgeable. Also I like the manner in which she worked on my shoulder and back.  I came to Physiocomestoyou having been unhappy with a previous physio who when things were not good, started talking of neurosurgeons, MRI scans and other interventions.  I thought that Maria’s approach of me doing the  exercises to strengthen my back and shoulder more appropriate and helpful than the previous physio’s approach of my being manipulated but not actually doing anything for myself.  So thank you, she’s great!  (Suzanne V. McNess)

Zoe is superb.  Lots of experience and common sense plus a great sense of humour.  (Dr Stephanie Kaye-Barrett)

My feedback is very positive. Booking my appointment was very simple. The fact Maria comes to my home is perfect as travel is tricky considering my operation.  With regards to Maria, she is always punctual and friendly. The treatment hurts but it is to be expected and she is very good at explaining why it hurts, to help me understand and therefore not worry. She is also very good at pushing me hard but not too far that I feel it is an unreasonable expectation.  So I am very happy with the current service.  (Piers Sutton)

I am fully satisfied with the service.  Your communication and flexibility have been excellent.  James is also excellent.  He was very patient and thorough in his questions to my father-in-law.  His first attempts at getting him to do a few exercises were also very good.  I am very happy and relieved that the physiotherapy looks like it will be effective in getting my father-in-law out of bed and able to take a few steps to sit in his chair.  (Mark Rowland)

You were fantastically helpful and Rebecca also took particular care, concern and interest. I would certainly recommend Physiocomestoyou.  (Angie Kirkup)

This is an excellent service…Zoe, my physio is delightful.  (Gaynor McManus)

I must say Emily is very knowledgeable and competent.  I found the session very helpful.  (Lingam Veluppillai)

My feedback is very positive as Becky was able to diagnose my issue, and she has really helped me to understand what the problem is and how I can rectify the issue.  Since seeing Becky I've been doing the exercises she gave me and I'm certainly seeing an improvement each day.  Becky is a really nice person and very knowledgable around balance issues, so I'm really glad I got to see her rather than waiting weeks on the NHS.  (Trevor Taylor)

I was extremely satisfied with the first appointment I had. It was booked very quickly and you were very flexible. For example, contacting me via email and text, this was very useful.  The physiotherapist was very professional. I valued being listened to and having my concerns/aims discussed. It was well structured and clear goals set. The session really aided my confidence and I really appreciate all you all did.  (Laura Caley)

I am totally satisfied  with your service. I was amazed that you could find me a physio on a bank holiday!  Eva was lovely and very good at her work. I managed to get over my symptoms in the first session.  (Konstantina Fragkou)

Leanne made my little boy very at ease on her first visit, to the point where he was actually enjoying the physiotherapy!  We also had to re-arrange her second visit and Leanne was very accomodating and offered lots of alternatve dates to suit us.  (Emma Rogers)

Lindsey was excellent. She fully explained everything to [our daughter] in language she could understand.  She also was very helpful in giving us the tools to practise at home.  [Your service is] extremely helpful in practical terms as you come to her school!  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Physiocomestoyou.  (Kerry Creasey)

Sam was very understanding and obviously experienced.  (Iain Fraser)

My dad said the sessions were very productive.  All in all we have been really pleased with the progress and the treatment.  (Tony Shoesmith)

I was very satisfied and I would definitely recommend Physiocomestoyou.  I found Lindsey very clear and easy to understand, and I thought it was a massive help her seeing my son at home in his own environment with all his toys and so on.  (Sarah Downing)

Christine came daily to look after my father who suffered with Parkinson's and terminal cancer.  She adapted her regime to his changing needs and was highly sensitive to his energy levels and ability to benefit from her skills. Despite his failing health she succeeded in reversing some of his physical decline.  Her pleasant demeanour was soothing and made the experience a pleasure.  (Judith)

Jose was great...Really useful exercises which I am putting into practice now, and I felt a lot better straight away.  (Tim McEntaggart)

Rebecca was great and I think there has already been an improvement.  (Monica)

Lindsey was very professional and helpful, whilst at the same time friendly enough to deal with a teething baby!  I am really happy and looking forward to seeing her again in a few weeks.   (Kate Palmer)

Mum really liked Eva and thought she was great.  Overall my experience of Physiocomestoyou is extremely positive - very efficient, friendly and professional.  A very good service - would recommend it.  (Isobel Spencer)

I'm very pleased with your service, your replies to emails are very prompt, as well as via the phone.  Eva is a very caring and professional physio.  The home service is very helpful indeed.  

Excellent.  Eva is extremely good and has impressed us all:  family, nurses and my mother’s GP.  (Deborah Law) 

Maria was excellent: punctual, very professional and good with explanations.  Her recommended treatment of exercises, ice, rest and compression worked a treat and I was back on the tennis court in a week. I would recommend you strongly.  (James)

Maria visited us yesterday for the initial assessment. We were so impressed. Actually we were more than impressed with her.

She watched my father's movements walking, sitting and standing very carefully. After the assessment she gently and precisely manouvered him into various exercises to work on his core strength. I noticed that she always had a finger on his stomach muscles checking that he was using the correct group and would adjust his movements if not.  She was also quite tough insisting that he always started in exactly the correct starting position in other to get the full benefit of each movement. Without him even realizing he ended up doing a full set if exercises something he believed impossible.

Amazingly she helped him (for the very first time,) get up from a prone position on the floor. Prior to this when my Dad fell he would be helpless and couldn't get up and would have to call for help. He was thrilled to be shown a technique she would help him practise on every visit.

She realised that he didn't like to exercise if his older daughter was in the flat so she devised exercises he could do in the privacy of his own bedroom.

As she was leaving she suggested she might incorporate some yoga. Oh my goodness. Finally we I thought, we have found the holy grail of all physios! She had listened to my father telling her that he used to practice yoga every day. She knew that part of the success in my father practising exercises would be if he was motivated to do so and what better way than tapping into something he used to love. Genius!

My father now feels motivated, excited and full of hope that he can regain his confidence in walking. My father never wears shorts (Maria suggested he wears then for her sessions with him) but today he asked me if we could go out and buy some...amazing!

Thank you so much for sending us Maria...

The physiotherapy received from Maria Kanaki has been excellent. She knows her stuff and has an excellent manner with her patient George. She is not afraid to undertake a challenging session and tries her very best with George. His progress is down to her expertise.  I am impressed - this comes from a fellow physio!  (Carol Lambe)

Marc is marvellous!  (Samantha)

Very happy indeed with Srikanth. He is very professional,  understands exactly what needs to be done and is more than happy to explain in detail. The exercises he gives are clearly explained. He really is a pleasure to deal with.  (Martin Cumberworth)

Rhian was brilliant and she gained my fathers confidence very quickly. She is very friendly and we all felt at ease with her, she has a lovely manner.  (Belinda Duggan)

The visit and service was all positive.  (Suzanne)

Katalin is delightful and very helpful.  (Ros)

I was genuinely impressed with Lindsey, and I can't wait for her to start seeing [my son regularly] in September.  (Shelley Beamer)

Jacob was very helpful, sensitive to my brother's situation and made him feel less aimless! He looks forward to seeing him again tomorrow despite knowing it is hard work.  (Kay)

I am very happy with the treatment from Zoe. She is very sensitive to my needs and is encouraging me to make very good progress without pushing me too hard.  (Judy Blendis)

Tori was lovely and very friendly, I am pleased we have some exercises to be getting on with [my son] and start getting the ball rolling so to speak.  (Claire)

James has been on time, nice, chatty and the therapy has already proved very effective after one week. James has really encouraged me to keep doing the work and is keen to help me improve. I don't know what else I could have wished for. (Arthur Van Schie)

The patient and his partner were very pleased with Marc Nyte. From the patient report he was very experienced and the patient is feeling much more positive about continuing with physiotherapy. I am very pleased. Marc has arranged to see the patient again today and I am looking forward to seeing the patients progress. Overall I have been very pleased with the service from the efficiency when booking the appointment to receiving this email to provide feedback. Your service has set a much higher standard than other at home physiotherapy service we have previously used. Looking forward to working with this service when we need to provide other at home physiotherapist.  (Ellie Amos, Secretary to Mr Peter Bullock FRCS MRCP)

Zoe was great! She arrived early - settled my Mum in quickly and really took her time. Great service, we will be using you again! (Nehal)

I have only had two sessions, but the exercises have been doable and I feel my walking (my goal) has improved already.  I enjoy these exercises and their benefits have been explained fully. I really want to continue with these. It's been a while since I have been excited to do physio exercises.

I was really pleased with the session that we had with Grace.  It was the first time that anyone (community based) has thoroughly examined my child and tailor made specific exercises.  I cannot express how thankful I am to Grace, and that is just in the first session.  I am hoping that with the exercises she has left we will see a significant improvement in my daughter's leg strength, and hopefully her ability to walk independently at some point in the future.  (Kirstie Savege)

I was really impressed with Vivien.  She worked really well with my son and he worked hard for her.  She was very thorough, and was very knowledgeable and she had patience with him, basically everything I wanted.  I'm looking forward to them working together.  (Shelley Beamer)

Maria Has been wonderful, and I have asked her to come again.  She is professional, knows her stuff and  makes me work hard, which is just what I need.  (Claudia Lindner)

My daughter and I were really pleased to meet Leandra...her assessment was thorough.  (Gail Marshall)

Let me start by saying that I was very impressed with the prompt response I received from Dorothy when I filled in the enquiry form.  From then on everything has gone very smoothly.  Leandra is my mum's physiotherapist and she is very polite and patient.  My mum is very happy with her.  So far we have been very satisfied with Physiocomestoyou. (Priya Gudka)

We are very pleased with our physio and the service you have provided.  (Clare Seymour)

Our assigned physiotherapist Hannah McGovern is very professional, supportive and keen to help my dad. (Raja Farooq)

Jose was more than helpful and your service is first class. (Walter Swinburn)

Thanks very much to Rebecca.  She was excellent. (David McAughtry)

I was very happy with our appointment.  My son is very shy and Francesca was great with him.  The written exercises she posted have been very helpful and we're using them daily.  We are having another appointment later this month which I hope will build on the previous one.  (Natasha Ludlam)

I was very happy with our appointment.  My son is very shy and Francesca was great with him.  The written exercises she posted have been very helpful and we're using them daily.  We are having another appointment later this month which I hope will build on the previous one.  (Natasha Ludlam)

I thought Maria was absolutely fantastic - my daughter loved her and sorted out her problems.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat.  (Sarah Marcar)

I found Patricia’s visit very interesting and helpful.  She has given me a lot of information to study online which is completely new to me.  I intend to get down to some serious study and to start exercising.  (Annette Attfield)

Zoe Birch really helped me with a thorough check, helpful exercises and information that has given me confidence to take positive action to recover from my fall.  Exactly what I needed.  Thank you for a professional and personal service that was just right for me.  (Sally Hewitt)

I just wanted to say thanks to Tori for the great work you have done with my Mother.  She was full of praise for your style and approach and remarked more than once on how firmly you drove her to perform her exercises properly.  She still has some stiffness, particularly after sitting for a long period, but I am sure this will improve as time goes on.  Thanks for all your help.  (Shiv Kaul)

We were very happy with the service and would recommend you. (Kiri)

Grace was lovely - her background was perfect for us and she devised a plan, which was manageable, and exactly the types of exercises to help achieve my son’s goals.  She pushed him just to the right level without upsetting him, but making him work at the same time.  Exactly what we were looking for!  (Dawn Wybrow)

Srikanth was very helpful and did his best to relieve my bad nerve pain.

Ivan was fantastic. (Gregor McFarlane)

Thank you for your help - a real relief

Zoe is fantastic!  She is incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, expert, encouraging, and answers all my questions; she is clear about my program, about the progress I am making, and about the work yet to be done. I can't say enough positive things about her.

It was a great service and would certainly recommend and use again (although I’m hoping we never get an emergency like that again).  Thank you for your help.

Ivan has a very professional and relaxed manner and the treatment was excellent.  The chronic back pain I had has not recurred.  I have never felt so relaxed and well for a long time.  I am only sorry I don't live here but will book to see Ivan again when we are next in the [UK].  Also Dorota Purczynska was very helpful and understanding in arranging a same day appointment for me.  You run a very good service and I am so glad I found it.

Jack was very knowledgeable and informative and provided me with vast amount of exercises to do.  He was definitely worth the money and I would recommend him to a friend.  

My physio Jose, has been fantastic.  I slipped a disc 10 months ago and I was in absolute agony so much so I couldn't walk, go up or down stairs and sitting was incredibly painful.  If anyone had said to me 10 months later, I would be able to go skiing and do circuit training, I would have said they were mad.  I have just returned from 4 days of skiing and continue with my circuit training, it is all down to Jose and his knowledge, patience and guidance over the past 10 months.  Thank you. 

Maria is a credit to your service.  (Neil Batchelor)

Rosemary just had her first appointment with Emma and was delighted! Excellent person and professional, thanks a lot for your recommendation!  Looking forward now with huge optimism to the surgery and recovery work afterwards.  (Hans-Hartwig Blomeier)

Marc clearly has a gift when dealing with elderly, vulnerable clients. My friend J improved considerably and at a pace that is sustainable.  His communication with J and me was excellent. The office staff were also good at keeping in touch and explaining the admin and payment side.  Very highly recommended.  (Seán Jordan)

Terrific service, fast response to our problem and the calibre of the staff is top notch.  We feel we couldn't have been in better hands.  (Joan)

My mother really enjoyed the session.  The feedback is excellent.

Ellie was very professional and informative and I would very much like to see her again if I need another appointment for my son in the future.  (Anna Douglas)

So far I am very impressed with the organisation from Physiocomestoyou, and Dorota was really patient and understanding, she arranged things so speedily putting my mind at ease, so am very appreciative.  (Nicola Tomlin)

This is exactly what I was looking for! Everyone I have spoken to has been extremely helpful.

Marc was great and he worked really thoroughly with Geoffrey.  I think it was a big help and I think Geoff is feeling more secure in what he can do and that's been a big issue.  I'm sure with continued physiotherapy and time he'll realize that his leg won't cave in under him and that's a big part of getting back to 100%.  In the meantime - I am telling everyone I speak to about your services, as Physiocomestoyou should be in everyone's address book!

I am recovering from a broken leg and couldn't get up the steps outside my flat to go to physio.  I knew I had to start doing some exercises but there would have been a wait of a month or more for home physios to come to me.  A couple of phone calls later an appointment was made for Leanne to come and see me, and after the first session she taught me and reassured me that I would be able to make it up the steps.  The next day I did it without any problems, and now I am attending the physio centre where I love.  Altogether I had 2 sessions with Leanne and she certainly started me on the next stage of my recovery.  I couldn't praise the organisation or Leanne highly enough, they both had a very big positive impact on my recovery.  (David Booker)

Maria [Misailidou] was wonderful, she has a sweet and sympathetic manner and helped me enormously, I would highly recommend her.

So far, all my expectations have been beaten by Maria [Misailidou]. She is super professional and courteous. I will definitely keep you in mind if I know of anybody in need of home physiotherapy.  (Mr Serrat)

Klelia was brilliant, addressed all my concerns and answered my questions fully. She assessed my son through play and so he was relaxed and happy throughout the whole session.  (Sandi Tantrige)

[James] is very attentive, thorough, patient, professional, encouraging, and has very much won [our] confidence. 

Katalin is an excellent physiotherapist, really good techniques, understands customers needs and engages effectively with her patient.  I am very happy with her, thank you.

Renata has lots of helpful ideas, a very positive, encouraging manner and a nice sense of humour – all essential, I think, in a physio.  She quickly established my capabilities and began on some exercises. I was impressed by her promptness contacting my last physio – now in Australia – for hand over notes and her ready reference to what I’ve been working on. She has a real understanding and experience of my problems – I’ve had many physios with whom this was not the case. (Mary Potter)

Julie is a great physiotherapist and we can't recommend her more highly.  She explains everything and makes sense of all the movements and treatments she gives with a un-biased, professional and friendly manner. We both felt comfortable from the start and confident in getting better.  Many thanks. (Jo and Bob Dove)

Eva was a big help and I appreciate her being able to come- we were just visiting London and I have been continuing to do the stretches she showed me while I'm Scotland.  (Stephanie Lynn)

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