What is occupational physiotherapy?

Occupational physiotherapists are specifically trained to help manage and prevent work related musculoskeletal problems, which lead to pain and injury.  They are able to adjust to a wide range of different types of job and businesses.  

Businesses suffer from employees being off work due to pains in the neck, arms and back.  Research has shown that early physiotherapy intervention can prevent these costs by preventing employees taking time off work.  We offer a bespoke package that can be made up of the following:

Physio Treatments when required at employees workplace or home

Ergonomic Presentations to Employees

Workstation Assessments 

Prehab Classes to prevent sports injuries 

Massage at work

How will the above benefit your business:

  • avoid costs of employees being off work 
  • avoid costs of time when employees have to travel to a clinic
  • same day appointments available at employees work or home
  • keeps the business in line with Health and Safety Legislation
  • treatments can take place in booked out meeting rooms or first aid room 
  • improved staff retention
  • boosts employees mood

What are the benefits of an on-site occupational physiotherapist?

The physiotherapist will be able to work with employees and managers and carry out risk assessment and then adjust the working environment to prevent any musculoskeletal problems starting in the first place.  They can look at the posture of the person whilst they work and the activities they are carrying out and advise.  Keeping your staff healthy whilst working helps to prevent injuries in the workplace, reduce any claims and help employees off work return to work quicker.  The physio can also provide workshops to the employees on health and wellbeing and looking after themselves both at work and out of work.  

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