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BeasyGlyder Transfer Board


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The Beasy Transfer Boards ultilise the innovative idea of a rotating seat that tracks along a rigid plastic board. this reduces the risk of shear stress and friction associated with patient transfer because the seat moves with the user. the user glides laterrally on a round seat that rotates through 360 degrees meaning that it is easy to use and highly practical for the user. These excellent boards make the transfer process easier, safer and more dignified for both the user and the carer. This curved transfer board is designed to assist with transfers past wheelchair arms or similar obstacles. The board is made from exceptionaly strong plastic, which means it can support a user up to 180 kg ( 28 stone ). These boards are also light enough to be easily transportable.

Product Specification

  • One Beasy Transfer Board 32"
  • Curved board aids transfer round obstacles 
  • Unique design
  • Safe, easy and dignified
  • Board Length: 810mm (32").
  • Seat diameter: 250mm (10").
  • Board Weight 2.2kg.
  • Maximum user weight: 180 kg (28 stone)
BeasyGlyder Transfer Board