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Donjoy Fortilax Knee Brace


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What is the Fortilax Knee Brace?

This brace is a light weight elastic knee brace that provides support and compression follow an acute or chronic knee injury and mild osteoarthritis.  It is anatomically knitted with multidirectional elastic fabric with a looser knit in the back of the knee for comfort and a non compressive knit over the patella to minimise swelling.  

What can it help?

  • mild osteoarthrits 
  • acute and chronic knee injury
  • mild meniscus injury
  • general knee swelling
  • protection in activites of daily living
  • protection in light sports including tennis, golf, footbal, cycling
  • not suitable for contact or extreme sports (motocross, skiing, snowboarding, 

What size do I need?

Based on measurement around the thigh 15cm above center of the knee cap

X Small - 35-38cm

Small - 39-42cm

Medium - 43-46cm

Large - 47-49cm

X Large - 50-53cm

XX Large - 54-57cm

Donjoy Fortilax Knee Brace