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Donjoy Hinged Tru-Pull Advanced System


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What is the Hinged Tru-Pull Advanced System?

The brace is designed to place a dynamic pull on the knee cap as the leg straightens to make the knee cap track properly in the groove along the thigh and reduce anterior knee pain (pain on the front of the knee).  The aluminium hinges provide additional support on the inside and outside of the knee and prevent the knee from straightening too much.  Made of breathable material making it light and comfortable to wear.

What can it help?

  • anterior knee pain (pain on front of knee)
  • patella tracking issues
  • patella dislocation
  • patella subluxation

What size do I need?

Based on measurement around thigh 15cm above center of patella (knee cap)

X small - 33-39cm

Small - 39-47cm

M - 47-53cm

L - 53-60cm

X Large - 60-67cm

XX Large - 67-75cm

XXX Large - 75-82.5cm

Donjoy Hinged Tru-Pull Advanced System