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Donjoy OA Assist Knee Brace


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What is the OA Assist Brace?

DonJoy's technologically advanced design combines a single upright frame and the 3DF hinge on the OA Assist. A patient-ready knee osteoarthritis brace that is ideal for people who want to carry on with daily activities and those with more sedentary lifestyles.  suited for activities of daily living.  The upright frame allows good clearance of the other leg.  The frame is lightweight being made of aircraft grade aluminium and is hypoallergenic.  Easy to apply and cleverly shifts weight from the arthritic areas of the knee to the healthier part.  

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When can it help?

  • mild to moderate unicompartment osteoarthritis - one one side of the knee

What size do I need?

Based on measurement around thigh 15cm above center of knee cap (patella)

X small - 33-39cm

Small - 39-47cm

M - 47-53cm

L - 53-60cm

X Large - 60-67cm

XX Large - 67-75cm

XXX Large - 75-82.5cm

Donjoy OA Assist Knee Brace