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Donjoy OA Everyday Knee Brace


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What is the OA Everyday Knee Brace?

The brace is Donjoys easiest OA brace to use and ideally suited for sedentary people who wanting to regain their activities of daily living.  It has cuffs on the front of the thigh and calf that allow easy application and four straps that buckle into place.  It is very lightweight at 500grams.  The pads on the sides of the knee are made with 100% memory foam therefore increasing patient comfort and compliance.

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What can it help?

  • any degree of osteoarthritis - both medial and lateral compartments
  • helps sedentary people get back to activities of daily living 

What size do I need?

Based on measuring around the thigh 15cm above center of knee cap (patella)

X small - 33-39cm

Small - 39-47cm

M - 47-53cm

L - 53-60cm

X Large - 60-67cm

XX Large - 67-75cm

XXX Large - 75-82.5cm

Donjoy OA Everyday Knee Brace

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  • Donjoy OA Everyday Knee Brace
  • Donjoy OA Everyday Knee Brace