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Donjoy Podalux Shoe


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What is the Podalux shoe?

It is a wide solid and skid resistant shoe with extra stability designed for after a variety of post op and post trauma foot and toe problems.  It makes sure the foot, toes and forefoot stay in a proper position during rehab and the rigid sole provides extra firmness and arch support.  The firmness of the insole can be changed according to post op rehab protocols.  The shoe is wide soled and open toed to accommodate bulky dressings and the covering for the toe piece is provided if toe cover up required.  Fits left and right feet.

What can the shoe help?

  • protection after foot surgery
  • protection after foot injuries
  • protection after bunion operations

What size do I need?

Based on shoe size

Small - Men (3-4) Women (2.5-3.5)

Medium - Men (4.5-5.5) Women (4-5)

Large - Men (6.5-7) Women (6-6.5)

X Large - Men (7.5-8) Women (7-7.5)

XX Large - Men (8.5-11) Women (8-10.5)

Donjoy Podalux Shoe