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Donjoy Rotulax Elastic Knee - Open Kneecap


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What is the Rotulax Elastic Knee Brace?

This brace is perfect for general stabilisation of an acute injury to the kneecap.  Also useful for people who have a very mobile kneecap.  The brace provides proproceptive and neuromuscular stimulation through compression.  The material is anatomically knitted with multidirectional elastic fabric.  Behind the knee the brace is slightly looser to addd comfort and there is a silcone piece within the brace to enhance kneecap stability.  

What can it help?

  • acute injury to the kneecap
  • protection for the kneecap
  • mild meniscus injury
  • mild instability
  • mild swelling
  • protection during daily living activities
  • protection during lighter sports (football, golf, tennis, cycling)
  • not suitable for contact or extreme sports (skiing, snowboarding, motocross, watersports, kite surfing)

What size do I need?

Based on measurement around the thigh 15cm above center of the knee cap

X Small - 35-38cm

Small - 39-42cm

Medium - 43-46cm

Large - 47-49cm

X Large - 50-53cm

XX Large - 54-57cm

Donjoy Rotulax Elastic Knee - Open Kneecap