Initial Appointment - Older Person


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The neurological physiotherapist can see you in your home, carehome or hotel.  This first appointment will include a thorough assessment of your posture, movement, strength, balance, tone, pain, coordination, standing and walking ability and how you perform activities of daily living.  After the assessment appropriate goals will be discussed with you and your family/carers and the best treatment programme will be designed to help you reach these goals.  The first appointment will last approximately one hour.  

Why choose us?

  • excellent physiotherapists
  • all london covered within M25
  • no unnecessary travelling
  • convenient times
  • able to work with home situation
  • able to work with family & carers
  • OT's and SALTs work with us

For more information phone 0207 884 0374 or click here

Initial Appointment - Older Person