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Performa Lite Compression Socks


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Featuring 'gctech' technology which is a Class 1 graduated compression with 16-18mmHg compression at the ankle, reducing to a 80% compression at mid calf level. This allows the socks to act like a second skin, squeezing blood from the surface veins back into the deep veins and help push blood back up to the heart. Wearing them changes the way your blood flows, helping your body to be more efficient.  Performa compression socks are worn by many top athletes and sports players.  Performa lite is a calf sleeve version of the Performa compression socks providing the benefits of compression but still allowing the sports player to wear their own socks.  

How do they benefit sports players?

  • enhance performance during exercise
  • support the calf muscle by improving oxygen delivery to the calf and optimising muscle efficiency
  • improve return of blood through the veins
  • help regulate temperature
  • improve calf muscle stamina delaying the time to exhaustion
  • help recovery after exercise - if they are worn for a minumum of 2-3 hours after exercise they can reduce DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) so your legs feel less tired and stiff 
  • reduce exercise associated swelling 

What size do I need?

Measure around your ankle and biggest part of your calf and refer to the size chart 

B1 = Size XS

B2 = Size S

B3 = Size M

B4 = Size L

B5 = Size XL 

Contraindications to using these socks 

  • peripheral vascular disease
  • open wounds/ulcers
  • diabetes with leg complications 
  • stroke patients with leg paralysis
  • uncontrolled heart failure
  • severe lymphodema
Performa Lite Compression Socks

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