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Procare Sacro-lumbar Support


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What is the Sacro-Lumbar Support?

The Sacro-Lumbar Support is a low profile 22cm elastic support for the lower back and sacroiliac joint with double side pull compression straps designed to support the lower back.  A neoprene posterior panel accommodates the ComfortFORM Mouldable Insert which can be heated at 70 degrees in a hot water pan and then formed again the patients back for exact contour and improved support.  

What can it help?

  • lower back pain
  • sacroiliac pain
  • sciatica
  • herniated discs
  • pain from poor posture

What size do I need?

Females need to measure around the hips and males around the waist

Small - 60-82cm

Medium - 82-97cm

Large - 97-112cm

X Large - 112-132cm

XX Large - 132-147cm

Procare Sacro-lumbar Support