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Sully Shoulder Stabiliser


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What is the Sully Shoulder Stabiliser?

Made by Donjoy it provides shoulder immobilization and controlled range of motion for anterior, multi-directional, inferior and posterior instabilities, rotator cuff deceleration, shoulder AC separations and muscle strains. The shoulder brace is designed to stabilize, assist or restrict movement of the shoulder post-injury and post operatively.  The brace pulls the humerus backwards and restricts external rotation and abduction.  Elastic straps attach with velcro any any point, in any direction and with any amount of force.  The smooth controlled assistance or restraint follows the natural movement of the muscles and joints.

What can it help?

  • shoulder instabilities - anterior, posterior, inferior and multidirectional
  • rotator cuff problems
  • acromio-clavicular joint separations
  • muscle strains

What size do I need?

XS 34-40 9-10.5
S 36-40 11-13
M 38-42 13-15
L 42-46 14-17
XL 46-51 15-17
Sully Shoulder Stabiliser