The leg is the area of the lower limb between the knee and ankle. The 2 bones within the leg are the tibia and fibula and these are surrounded by muscles, nerves, soft tissue and blood vessels. Ligaments join the 2 bones and attach the bones to the knee and ankle. Leg pain can range from a mild nuisance that comes and goes, to debilitating pain that makes it difficult to sleep, to walk or engage in simple everyday activities. There are a number of issues which can cause leg pain and more information can be found by clicking on the below. One of our experienced physiotherapists can come to you at home or work to provide a full assessment of the cause of your pain and treat appropriately.

  • Pain on front of leg
  • Pain on back of leg
  • Pain on inside of leg
  • Pain on outside of leg

Self diagnosis can lead to wasted time trying to sort without success. This can lead to Chronic Pain. One of our experienced physios can come to you and solve the cause of the pain and fix the problem.

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