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We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in home visit physiotherapy and care home services. Our team consists of qualified physios that can carry out a wide range of therapeutic treatments, either at your home or at your workplace, anywhere in London or the UK - all at a time that suits your requirements.

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UK Home Visit or Work Place Physiotherapy

We offer you the chance to be seen at a convenient time at work or home anywhere in London & most of the UK. A mat or treatment couch and any other treatment equipment you may require can be provided. All that is needed is an area at your work or home that is big enough to be able to put up the plinth or spread out the mat and allow you the privacy you need.

The services offered covers a wide range including pain relief, neurological services, post op rehab. Oncology rehab, vestibular rehab, care of older person, paediatric services and many more.

Using our Treatments is Simple

UK Locations

Our therapists can see you at any home in London and most locations in the UK

Registered & Accredited Specialists

All of our therapists specialise in all areas of physiotherapy.

Highly Experienced

All of our experienced therapists are fully qualified with years of experience.

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