About us

Physiocomestoyou Ltd was formed in 2007 by Rebecca Aldridge (nee Garrod) having realised the lack of physiotherapists specialising in treating people at home and work throughout London.

We are able to provide all the usual cinic equipment to you at your home and work. Our service removes the following hassles of going to a clinic:

  • removes cost and need to arrange child care
  • removes risk of traffic or public transport delays
  • removes costs of travelling and parking
  • removes risk of not finding a parking place
  • removes lost work time travelling to a clinic or leaving work early to make your appointment
  • removes inconvenience of not being able to be seen at a time that suits you

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or through our contact form. We will respond to your query within the hour and book a time and location convenient for you.

This will last approximately an hour and involve a thorough assessment looking at your movement, strength, balance, tone, swelling if present, coordination, walking and functional activities. This will be followed by effective treatment addressing your problem. A plan of future treatment will be discussed with you by your physiotherapist.

These appointments will include treatments helping you return to work, sport or any other daily activities you may be limited with as a consequence of your injury, pain or medical/neurological condition. We offer 30minute, 45 minute and 1 hour follow up appointments.

Health Insurance

Physiotherapy can often be claimed back through your health insurance. You need to contact your insurance agent to discuss this as the policy allowance differs between different insurance companies and different policies.

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