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Can Cooler Weather Worsen Pain? How Physiotherapy Can Help

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Many of us suffer with conditions that make simple tasks quite painful after some time such as arthritis. Many people say that their health problems or issues with muscles, joints and pain is worsened by the colder temperatures. Take Raynaud’s disease for example, this is when arteries supplying blood to the skin are narrow and […]

Back to School Season – How to Ensure Good Posture for Kids

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It’s officially back to school season in the UK with many children returning to school for the first time in a long while thanks to the unprecedented measures and closures of school during the COVID pandemic. We know lots of parents and children will be a little apprehensive about these new changes – and it’s […]

How to Manage Stiffness from Lack of Movement

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There is one thing we just keep hearing complaints about in recent months and that’s stiffness! Whether it’s from moving less than normal when following the lockdown guidelines to stay at home or work from home, or whether you have found yourself back at work and at a desk for hours on end, stiffness can […]

Paediatric Physiotherapy and How to Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential

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Watching your child grow and celebrating their development is an exciting time for a parent – but we all know it can be worrying when you see they are not making as much progress as they should. There is lots of advice online and in parenting books outlining the different ages and milestones your child […]

Good Wellbeing When Returning to Work and How to use Your Commute for Good

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It has been a strange few months for many of us with the UK lockdown regulations put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. In recent announcements made by the government it is clear that lockdown regulations are beginning to lift, and life is beginning to go back to a new normal. For shops […]

How Pulmonary and Respiratory Physiotherapy can Help You!

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When we think of physiotherapy, lots of us picture stretches or exercises testing and exercising our muscles, tendons and mobility. Lots of people believe that physiotherapy is therefore only reserved for sportsmen and sportswomen, certain physical conditions that limit mobility and pre or post-surgery, but actually physiotherapy is beneficial for a range of people of […]

All About Massage and Why You Need One!

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Massage has been an effective body therapy for many years. Manipulating and applying pressure to soft tissue, deep tissue and the body in general can correct a great many problems and increase your health and wellbeing. As certified and experienced physiotherapists, we often get questions surrounding massage – what’s the difference in types and how […]

Most Common Ski Injuries and How to Help Yourself and Others

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It’s officially ski season and most of us are enjoying it thoroughly. However, as with all sports activities, it is not without its complications. A lot of us will injure ourselves this ski season. In fact, we are more likely to injure ourselves on a skiing holiday than a relaxed vacation. Don’t fear though, before […]

The Most Common Injuries Over the Christmas Period and How to Treat Them

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Tis the season to be jolly – but also careful! Accidents and injuries actually increase over the Christmas period and there are a number of factors to blame, especially the increased stress that people feel and the increase in physical activity! Here are the most common injuries sustained over the Christmas period and what you […]

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