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Physiotherapy in Irish Dance

| Acute and Chronic Pain

Physiotherapy & Irish Dance: Our thoughts on injury prevention       Our Physiotherapist Leanne Plenge was recently at the Association for Foot and Ankle Physiotherapists Conference on dance in London. One of the speakers was Dr Roisin Cahalan from the University of Limerick speaking on considerations we need to make for Irish dancers. She spoke […]

Ever tried to read a research article and wondered what they were going on about? Understand the evidence about your musculoskeletal condition now.

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  Understand the evidence of your Musculoskeletal Condition   Due to the ever expanding internet we are now able to find out so much more about a condition or pain that we are experiencing. it is far easier than the days of having to go to a library with a specific question and searching through text […]

Unexplained shoulder pain? Have you considered all the neural causes?

| Acute and Chronic Pain, Physiotherapy in Bristol, Physiotherapy in London, Shoulder Pain

What causes Shoulder pain? Shoulder pain is common and it’s tricky to treat. Often shoulder problems persist many months before improving. sometimes this pain will persist. Pain can focus in several different sites around the shoulder complex. Common places for it to occur are in the upper outer arm where the deltoid muscle is or […]

Worried About Your Pain? – Red Flags to Look Out For

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Throughout our lifetime we will all experience pain at some point. We will have periods of time when we might get ill and feel horrible in ourselves. Pain or illness can be upsetting and make us feel rubbish. Usually this will pass within a short time span and we can then return to our usual […]

What Causes This Pain Under My Heel?

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Pain under the heel can be caused by a number of different reasons. In this blog we will discuss the different causes and discuss how to determine which it might be. Careful Physiotherapy assessment will involve an in-depth assessment your particular set of symptoms to determine what might be causing your pain. Heel pain is […]

All you need to know about Tendons

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Some facts about our tendons They come in varying shapes and sizes within the body They allow smooth movement around corners and are efficient pulleys for the action of our muscles.  Good example of this is our the tendons in our fingers and hands which allow the fine and precise movements we have but within […]

10 Ways Physio Can Help Motor Neurone Disease

| Acute and Chronic Pain, Neurological

There are a number of ways that physiotherapy can help people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) – here are 10:   1.  Carry out a full assessment to check your mobility, range of movement of joints and muscles, strength of muscles and discuss / see any particular difficulties you’re experiencing. 2.  Advise on and provide […]

Advice: Intersection Syndrome and Treatment

| Acute and Chronic Pain, Wrist Pain

Intersection syndrome refers to a painful condition of the wrist and forearm. It commonly presents as radial or thumb sided wrist pain at the back of the forearm just above the wrist, but pain can travel down into the wrist if the condition is severe. Other conditions that give similar symptoms (such as osteoarthritis of […]

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