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Heal Your Achilles Rupture Once and For All

| Ankle and Foot Pain, Post Surgery

The Achilles tendon is a tendon that runs from the group of muscles from the calf (gastrocnemius and soleus) and attaches to the hind-foot/heel bone (calcaneus). People that sustain an Achilles rupture where the tendon is completely torn, are normally middle aged runners that often have a history of Achilles tendon pain such as a […]

Sprained ankle?

| Acute and Chronic Pain, Ankle and Foot Pain

An ankle sprain is a common injury and the majority of time the ankle turns inwards so that the ligaments on the outside of the ankle are sprained. As a result of the sprain there can also be injury to the inferior tibiofibular joint.  There are 4 main ligaments on the outside of the ankle that […]

Killer Heels?

| Ankle and Foot Pain, Back pain, Hip pain, Knee Pain

Killer heels are meant to make you look drop dead gorgeous! We were interested to read the ‘Why high heels are bad for your health’ article in the Daily Express today.  I think many women already know the implications of wearing heels but will often suffer in the name of fashion.  Read the full article […]

Have you had an ankle fracture?

| Ankle and Foot Pain

Fractures of other parts of the ankle will tend to cause pain throughout the ankle and a lot of swelling. If you have injured your ankle and have a lot of swelling and pain and standing on the leg is difficult with or without pain we advise you seek urgent medical attention to confirm if you […]

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