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Top 9 Tips to Improve your Child’s Posture

| Back pain, Paediatric, Posture

Many studies show that 30% of school age children have back and neck pain ( and that pain is commonly caused by bad posture or a heavy, badly fitting rucksack.  Follow these top 9 tips to improve your child’s posture: Buy the right size bag – suit the bag size to your child’s size. Buy […]

What is Osteoporosis?

| Back pain, Physiotherapy in London

This is when the inner part of the vertebrae of the spine breaks down. This results in the bone becoming weaker and fragile therefore prone to fracture. It happens with age and is a lot more common in females. It is not normal to experience pain with osteoporosis unless a fracture is sustained. Fractures of […]

Killer Heels?

| Ankle and Foot Pain, Back pain, Hip pain, Knee Pain

Killer heels are meant to make you look drop dead gorgeous! We were interested to read the ‘Why high heels are bad for your health’ article in the Daily Express today.  I think many women already know the implications of wearing heels but will often suffer in the name of fashion.  Read the full article […]

Do you suffer from muscle spasms in your back?

| Back pain

There are many muscles around the spine. These can be strained, torn or just become in spasm trying to protect the spine. Trigger points can develop in muscles in the form of a spasm. These are specific tender spots that develop that give rise to pain and can also cause pain in other areas of […]

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