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How Therapists Should Treat Patients with Autism and Asberger’s Syndrome

| General Health

Leanne, our Bristol Manager and Physiotherapist attended a talk organised by the BASS Autism Services for Adults team in Bristol recently. The team work passionately to enable people with Autism and Asberger’s to live fulfilling lives, by making sure they understand their diagnosis, how to manage it and by educating health professionals that may come […]

The Hidden Benefits of Taking Up a New Sport

| General Health, Marathon Training, Sports Physiotherapy

The recent British TV series The Jump has just finished, and even though most contestants had no experience competing in winter sports before, their level of achievement has been impressive. If you haven’t seen The Jump before, the show involves participants competing at different winter snow events including skeleton, bobsleigh, ski cross and ski jump. […]

10 Winter Health Myths

| General Health

At this time of year, many of us suffer from the odd cold or the sniffles, believing that winter is to blame. In this blog post, our MD Rebecca Aldridge lists the top 10 winter health myths believed by many. View Interactive Version (via Physio comes to you).

Top 5 Ways to Speed Up Your Recovery from Injury

| General Health

Most people have struggled back from an injury at one time or another. Whether it is after twisting your ankle whilst walking or playing semi-pro rugby at the weekend, it’s always surprising how long it can take to fully recover. It’s not normally any one thing that speeds up the healing process but a combination of […]

How to Manage Inflammation

| General Health, Sports Physiotherapy

Any harmful stimulus to the body will result in inflammation of the injury site. Inflammation is defined by 5 cardinal signs: pain, heat, swelling, redness and reduced function, with these signs first described over 2000 years ago by the Roman physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus. The process of inflammation is a natural phenomenon, and it promotes […]

How to Avoid Shoulder Injury

| General Health, Shoulder Pain, Sports Physiotherapy

Shoulders are one of the most dynamic joints in the body. They have one of the largest movement ranges of all joints in the human skeleton and are one of the most complicated integrated-joint complexes in the body, so its no wonder they can be so susceptible to injury. Your shoulder movement does not stem […]

How to Tell a Sprain from a Strain

| General Health, Marathon Training, Sports Physiotherapy

Sprains and strains are basic terms for two different diagnoses but they both consist of an ‘over-stretching’ or tearing of tissues through trauma and/or overuse. Both will present with bruising and pain localised to the affected area, and they can both be categorised from minor to severe depending on the extent of damage to each tissue. […]

The Benefits of Graded Exercise Therapy for Rheumatology Conditions

| Acute and Chronic Pain, General Health, Osteoporosis

There are a significant number of rheumatology conditions that predominantly involve inflammation of joints or the soft tissues of the body. If uncontrolled this inflammation has numerous and wide reaching effects. It can affect the condition of the joints and reduce movement due to pain, swelling or in some cases deformity.  It can also reduce the flexibility […]

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