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Physio Comes to You Helps the Paratriathlon Team!

| Physiotherapy in London

Physio Comes to You Actually Comes to You Fortunately for them, Physio Comes to You is available to bring the physical therapy session to you! Such is the case when Physio Comes to You was called in to help the Paratriathlon team from Quinta do Lago, Portugal. Jose Escudeiro who heads the Algarve branch of […]

Stiff Shoulder Treatment

| Physiotherapy in Bristol, Physiotherapy in London, Shoulder Pain

Stiff Shoulder? Consider these 3 easy treatment options     The shoulder joint is a complex combination of different joints and muscles that allow us a huge range of flexibility and movement. This movement at the shoulder is possible because of the amount of mobility the shoulder joints allow. The glenohumeral joint (shoulder ball and […]

Persistent foot or ankle pain?

| Ankle and Foot Pain, Physiotherapy in Bristol, Physiotherapy in London

Have you considered the talonavicular or calcaneocuboid joint elements?   Foot and ankle conditions such as a sprained ankle or ankle fracture are common. They are some of the most frequent injuries presenting to emergency departments and GPs across the country. Most will resolve as expected within normal healing times for bones and ligaments but a percentage […]

How to diagnose persistent leg pain

| Physiotherapy in Bristol, Physiotherapy in London

Persistent leg pain: Is it because of the blood vessels or Sciatica The word often banded around for leg pain is ‘sciatica’. Most people will have heard of this term or heard a friend or work colleague discussing their Sciatica. They are normally referring to leg pain that feels a little nervy or radiates down the leg. The problem […]

Ever tried to read a research article and wondered what they were going on about? Understand the evidence about your musculoskeletal condition now.

| Acute and Chronic Pain, General Health, Physiotherapy in Bristol, Physiotherapy in London

  Understand the evidence of your Musculoskeletal Condition   Due to the ever expanding internet we are now able to find out so much more about a condition or pain that we are experiencing. it is far easier than the days of having to go to a library with a specific question and searching through text […]

Unexplained shoulder pain? Have you considered all the neural causes?

| Acute and Chronic Pain, Physiotherapy in Bristol, Physiotherapy in London, Shoulder Pain

What causes Shoulder pain? Shoulder pain is common and it’s tricky to treat. Often shoulder problems persist many months before improving. sometimes this pain will persist. Pain can focus in several different sites around the shoulder complex. Common places for it to occur are in the upper outer arm where the deltoid muscle is or […]


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Parkinsons is a progressive, neurodegenrative disorder. People with Parkinson’s don’t have enough dopamine in their body, as some of their nerve cells have died. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, it helps transfer signals between nerve cells (neurons). It’s more common in people over the age of 50 but younger people can get it. Ageing is not […]

Worried About Your Pain? – Red Flags to Look Out For

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Throughout our lifetime we will all experience pain at some point. We will have periods of time when we might get ill and feel horrible in ourselves. Pain or illness can be upsetting and make us feel rubbish. Usually this will pass within a short time span and we can then return to our usual […]

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