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The Hidden Benefits of Taking Up a New Sport

| General Health, Marathon Training, Sports Physiotherapy

The recent British TV series The Jump has just finished, and even though most contestants had no experience competing in winter sports before, their level of achievement has been impressive. If you haven’t seen The Jump before, the show involves participants competing at different winter snow events including skeleton, bobsleigh, ski cross and ski jump. […]

Stress Responses and Stress Fractures in Bones

| Osteoporosis, Sports Physiotherapy

Stress fractures occurs in bones when they undergo fatigue due to excessive repetitive loading through activities such as running or military training.  The bone will first start with a ‘stress response’ and then if the stress continues can increase to becoming a crack in the bone called a ‘stress fracture’. It will start as a […]

10 Common Injuries From Skiing or Snowboarding

| Acute and Chronic Pain, Ankle and Foot Pain, Hip pain, Knee Pain, Physiotherapy in London, Physiotherapy in London Victoria, Sports Physiotherapy

Like all sports, there’s always the risk we can injure ourselves whilst skiing or snowboarding. This could be due to snow conditions, skiing ability, tiredness or collisions with another person or object. Here are the 10 most common injuries that you could sustain on the slopes: 1.  Peroneal Tendon Injuries  Peroneal tendon injuries are often […]

11 Exercises to Get Your Family Ski Fit

| Paediatric, Sports Physiotherapy

It’s not just adults that need to get ski fit but kids do too! Here are some exercises that will help improve your family’s technique, strengthen weak areas and reduce the chances of you and your family injuring yourselves. Setting up circuit training stations is a great way to keep it fun, but don’t forget […]

Which Type of Flexibility Training is Right for You?

| Sports Physiotherapy

Flexibility is a component that is becoming less frequently overlooked when training in gyms and during sporting events. People are becoming more aware of injury susceptibility in muscle groups that are tight and joints that are less flexible. This blog will discuss stretching types and a few ways in which you can increase flexibility depending […]

How to Manage Inflammation

| General Health, Sports Physiotherapy

Any harmful stimulus to the body will result in inflammation of the injury site. Inflammation is defined by 5 cardinal signs: pain, heat, swelling, redness and reduced function, with these signs first described over 2000 years ago by the Roman physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus. The process of inflammation is a natural phenomenon, and it promotes […]

How to Avoid Shoulder Injury

| General Health, Shoulder Pain, Sports Physiotherapy

Shoulders are one of the most dynamic joints in the body. They have one of the largest movement ranges of all joints in the human skeleton and are one of the most complicated integrated-joint complexes in the body, so its no wonder they can be so susceptible to injury. Your shoulder movement does not stem […]

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