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How to Tell a Sprain from a Strain

| General Health, Marathon Training, Sports Physiotherapy

Sprains and strains are basic terms for two different diagnoses but they both consist of an ‘over-stretching’ or tearing of tissues through trauma and/or overuse. Both will present with bruising and pain localised to the affected area, and they can both be categorised from minor to severe depending on the extent of damage to each tissue. […]

How Deep Tissue Massages Work

| Massage, Sports Physiotherapy

The source of some injuries may often lie deep in a certain muscle, under other muscle groups or even below layers of subcutaneous fat (fat beneath the skin). This does not necessarily mean that they are ‘out-of-reach’, but some injuries do require more vigorous treatment techniques in order to relieve the pain and discomfort they […]

How to Set Recovery Goals after an Operation or Injury

| Falls Prevention, General Health, Occupational Therapy, Older Person Physiotherapy, Osteoporosis, Post Surgery, Sports Physiotherapy

At the start of a physiotherapy session, our therapists will discuss with their patient what their goals are.  This allows the client to think clearly and verbalise what they want to achieve, and it often throws up their frustrations.  As one of our patients reported, “’I haven’t been able to get back to netball after […]

Top Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Rheumatology Conditions

| Acute and Chronic Pain, Falls Prevention, General Health, Hip pain, Knee Pain, Neck pain, Neurological, Post Surgery, Shoulder Pain, Sports Physiotherapy

Hydrotherapy is an excellent option for long-term management of rheumatology conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Fibromyalgia.  In this blog post, our physio and Bristol Manager Leanne Plenge explains the top reasons why hydrotherapy is so effective.   Buoyancy The ‘upward push’ of the water on a human body means that we are lighter […]

How do I Choose the Right Running Shoes?

| Sports Physiotherapy

Footwear plays a very important role for posture and anatomically correct movement both during sport and in our everyday lives. There are so many different types of footwear out there, with each brand offering the latest niche or styling with claims to increase performance, it can be difficult to choose. Which Shoes Are Best? The […]

Little Known Ways for Cyclists to Improve Hill Climbing

| Sports Physiotherapy

Our Head of Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Zoe Birch reveals her top tips for climbing hills whilst cycling.  With the recent stages of the Tour de France in the UK, coupled with the consecutive success of UK riders in the previous two tours and Olympic events, cycling has hit a boom. There are now an abundance of […]

Pain When Walking or Running? You May Have an Abnormal Gait

| Acute and Chronic Pain, Ankle and Foot Pain, Hip pain, Knee Pain, Physiotherapy in Bristol, Sports Physiotherapy

In this blog post, Bristol Manager and Physio Leanne Plenge, reveals what a physiotherapist looks for when analysing your walking or running pattern (gait).  I met up with John Stephenson at AAA-Physio in Bristol recently to discuss his special interest in gait analysis and biomechanics. We discussed the benefits of truly getting to the bottom […]

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