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Flexibility Training and Stretching – Is it Worth It?

| Sports Physiotherapy

Flexibility is defined as the static maximum range of motion (or ROM), available from a joint. There have been lengthy debates and studies to determine that flexibility has a role in injury prevention in many sports and it is an undervalued portion of conditioning training. There are many reasons as to why a particular joint […]

Top Tips for Resting Between Exercise Sets

| Sports Physiotherapy

Resting during exercise and recovery are often an overlooked part of muscle training, however it is an important factor in your exercise program. There has been extensive research in how long you should wait between starting your next exercise set, with different theories providing an array of figures and times that you should rest. Some […]

Zoe Birch Completes The Cape Argus Cycle Tour!

| Sports Physiotherapy

In March 2014, our Head of Orthopaedic Physiotherapy, Zoe Birch, completed her first major international cycling event:  The Cape Argus Cycle Tour.  In this post, Zoe shares her experiences of her phenomenal achievement.   I have just completed my first major international cycling event. I flew over to South Africa to race against 35,000 other cyclists […]

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