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All you need to know about Tendons

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Some facts about our tendons They come in varying shapes and sizes within the body They allow smooth movement around corners and are efficient pulleys for the action of our muscles.  Good example of this is our the tendons in our fingers and hands which allow the fine and precise movements we have but within […]

Pain in Your Thumb? It Could Be De Quervain Syndrome

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De Quervain syndrome is a type of tendon injury, which occurs around the muscles that control movement of the thumb. It is also known as gamer’s thumb, washerwoman’s sprain or mummy thumb. This problem is commonly seen in workers who perform repetitive activities such as pinching, grasping, pulling or pulling but current research still has […]

3 Ways to Treat Tendon Problems

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Tendon problems account for a large proportion of patients visiting their GP for advice and treatment. They are also one of those tricky conditions that don’t often do well with surgery. After seeing a consultant, it may therefore be that they send you away to persist with conservative management strategies rather than surgery. An Achilles […]