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Is Your Child W-Sitting?

| Paediatric

W-sitting is when children sit with their knees together and their feet out to the side.  But why is it so bad, and how can you help change this habit in your child? Our Head of  Paediatric Physiotherapy Victoria Healey explains why. Children who w-sit are generally children who have low muscle tone and increased […]

How to Safely Move Your Child

| Paediatric, Uncategorized

Manual handling refers to any activity, which involves support, lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving an object or person. Moving and handling your child can include many scenarios such as transferring them from their wheelchair to the toilet, repositioning them in bed, lowering them from a chair to the floor or lifting them on to […]

Can Exercise Alone Help You Regain Full Flexion After Knee Surgery?

| Knee Pain, Post Surgery

Have you just had knee surgery and are you are struggling to get full range of movement back even with multiple sets of stretches throughout the day, and assistance from your physiotherapist?  According to Jonathan Webb and Andrew Davies, specialist knee consultants at Fortius Clinic, there could be other factors involved causing this problem other than […]

All You Need to Know About Your Ankle Sprain

| Ankle and Foot Pain

All sport players who sustain this injury are only too aware of how frustrating and painful this injury can be.  Those of you that have twisted your ankle whilst on the green, or those that have been caught out by an unseen curb will know that the swelling and limitation to movement involved in this […]

Free Physiotherapy Advice Session at Bristol Movement Space a Huge Success!

| Physiotherapy in Bristol

Wednesday 9th July saw the first Free Physiotherapy Advice Session take place at Bristol Movement Space.  Leanne, our specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist and Matt, Managing Director of Bristol Movement Space and trained Pilates instructor, joined forces to assess and treat the clients who attended.  Over to you Leanne… “There was a great turn out and some […]

The Many Benefits of Domiciliary (Home) Treatment and Training

| General Health, Physiotherapy in Bristol, Physiotherapy in London

  Our Physio and Bristol Manager Leanne meets personal trainer Wojciech Toczyski, or “Whiskey” as he’s known, to discuss the benefits of treating people in their own homes.   Recently, I met with Whiskey, a personal trainer from South Bristol who specialises in getting his clients fit for group exercise events. His company Flexible Fitness South-West […]

What Every Parent Ought to Know About Ride-On Toys

| Paediatric

There are so many new and exciting ride-on toys on the market.  Ranging from the simple rocking horse, to bicycles scooters and balance bikes.  These will provide your child with hours of pleasure and entertainment, whilst also helping them to develop lots of different skills and keeping them physically active in the following ways: Gross Motor […]

Top Tips for Your Baby to Take Their First Steps

| Paediatric

It’s a special moment when your child takes their first steps – they are now ready to go off and explore the world!  The age at which they do this can vary greatly but between 10 and 18 months is considered normal.  To be able to walk, your baby needs to have good core stability, […]

How to Treat Pes Planus (Flat Feet)

| Ankle and Foot Pain

As we saw in How to Treat Pes Cavus (High Arched Feet) the high arched foot is a common condition, which physiotherapists deal with and treat on a regular basis.  We also have to regularly address foot arch deformity namely, the “flat foot” or pes planus.  Pes planus is where there is no distinctive arch on […]

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