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London Marathon – Warming up and stretching

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Benefits of warming up Increases your heart rate and heart function Starts your joints moving Increases body temperature Makes your blood flow from your internal organs divert to your muscles which helps to carry away any waste products formed from running Improves synovical fluid flowing in your joints helping to absorb pressure and reduce friction […]

London Marathon – Overtraining and Tapering

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Overtrainining When training for a marathon you may find yourself pushing your body too hard called overtraining.  Overtrainng can lead to long term reduced performance and the inability to train.  Signs to look out for which can be symptoms of overtraining include: Unexplained and consistently poor performance High levels of fatigue and tiredness Recovery taking […]

London Marathon – Advanced training programme

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EXAMPLE ADVANCED 16 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAMME Week 1 5m jog run to hill 8 x 200m uphill jog back 6m steady 5m fartlek Rest of 5m easy 5-8m cross country 12m long run Week 2 5m jog run to hill 8 x 300m uphill jog back 8m steady 5m fartlek Rest or 5m easy 5-8m […]

London Marathon – Working out Your Training Programme

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LONDON MARATHON – WORKING OUT YOUR TRAINING PROGRAMME Find out your fitness using the YMCA step test Find a 30 cm step Step up and down at a brisk rate for 3 minutes Immediately stop at 3 mins and sit down – measure your heart rate for 1 minute Using a stopwatch is useful MALES […]

London Marathon – Beginners Training Programme

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EXAMPLE BEGINNER 16 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAMME   Week 1 20 mins jog Rest 20 mins jog Rest Rest 20 mins jog 2 mile jog Week 2 20 mins jog Rest 25 mins jog Rest Rest 20-25 mins jog 3 mile jog Week 3 25 mins jog Rest 25 mins jog Rest Rest 20-25 mins jog […]

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