The Long Awaited Firefly Upsee is Here – Helping Disabled Children Walk and Play!

upsee-full-shotFinally the long awaited Firefly UpSee has been launched and is available to order now.  The UpSee is a harness that is worn by a child and attaches to a belt worn by an adult.  The child also wears special rubber sandals that are then fastened to their parents’ feet. This allows the children to stand upright and walk in sync with their parent.

The idea behind the UpSee is to optimize social inclusion and family participation as it allows the child to be on the same level as their peers and leaves their hands free for play, exploration and learning. The physical benefits are that the child is in a weight bearing position which can help with hip development and the repetition of stepping can also encourage the child to start initiating the movement purposefully. The parent can also control the steps to prevent scissoring of the legs, which is often a problem for children with Cerebral Palsy.  The harness can be adjusted and the amount of support gradually reduced to work on trunk and head control and increase weight bearing. The harness can also be used in therapy and is a great idea for making physio fun and functional!

The UpSee costs £269, including shipping and Firefly suggests that delivery may take up to 12 weeks.  The UpSee is suitable to use for most children, regardless of the severity of their problems. However, there are some contraindications for its use and the company recommends an assessment by a therapist before purchasing the product, as it only available online and you cannot trial it before buying.  If you are considering buying an UpSee, please contact us first to book an assessment in order for us to advise you on its suitability.

To see how the UpSee has changed one little boy’s life, Jack, watch this short video from Firefly here: