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5 Exercises to help ease arthritis pain:

Joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and fatigue are all symptoms of arthritis, and they can make you want to stay still and reduce movement. Isn’t it true that the less movement there is, the lower the risk of pain? Wrong. The inverse is true. Exercise can alleviate pain, enhance joint function and flexibility, improve range of […]

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Why Children Benefit From Physiotherapy at Home?

Children often have an inherent fear of healthcare professionals. This fear causes them tremendous stress and makes hospital visits difficult. In cases of problems where children require physiotherapy the situation gets more complicated. Physiotherapy involves multiple visits to the physio. Often there is slight discomfort involved. The discomfort increases when the patient does not cooperate. […]

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Why London Marathon Runners Invest In Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists are very important professionals in the world of sports due to their ability to improve an athlete’s recovery and enhance their performance. They have the training and experience to assess injuries and provide a fast and effective treatment. The London Marathon is a physically exerting event that puts significant pressure on the lower part […]

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Physiotherapy Through Pregnancy – Pre Natal And Post-Partum Recommendations

We all know the benefits that physiotherapy can provide to everyone from athletes to construction trade workers. In fact, just about anyone can benefit from a physiotherapy session and people will often schedule physiotherapy for a wide range of reasons. But can physiotherapy offer many of the same benefits to a pregnant mum both during […]

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How Physiotherapy Can Aid Marathon Training

As high-endurance athletes, marathoners should take advantage of any professional training they can to increase their chances of success. With regular physiotherapy sessions, marathoners can gain improved physical performance and better resistance against injuries. Sports physiotherapists have the skills, knowledge, and experience to improve the strength and conditioning of any athlete, especially those training for […]

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Long COVID – How A Physiotherapist Can Get You On The Road To Recovery

The coronavirus has affected millions of people all over the world and as cases continue to rise, patients are becoming more concerned about the long term health effects of COVID. Healthcare officials are still unsure about many of the side effects associated with the virus as they are still learning about the coronavirus and other […]

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