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Get Rid of Hip Impingement Syndrome Once and For All

Hip impingement syndrome occurs when the hip bone (the ball) rubs on the socket (the joint).  Imaging of the joint often can often show abnormalities that can contribute to the cause of the impingement, for example, a different shaped head of femur or angles around the hip. Environmental factors such as day-to-day activities or sports […]

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See How Easily You Can Regain Strength after your Hip Arthroscopy

An arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that enables surgeons to gain a clear view within a joint and to guide surgical instruments. You may have been referred to an orthopaedic surgeon if your painful hip hasn’t improved through pain relief, rest or physiotherapy. If you are generally fit and well, you most probably will be […]

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See how easily you can maximise the results of your total joint replacement

It is standard for patients to have exercises set by physiotherapists in hospital following your knee or hip replacement and practice walking with crutches or a frame.  The problem comes after discharge when either you are not referred for more physiotherapy or have the hassle of trying to get to a physiotherapy clinic with your […]

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