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What are the Benefits of Having Physio at Home?

Why choose at home physio? Well, many people prefer at home physiotherapy because after just one session it is possible for your therapist to fully understand your needs as an individual (yes, every patient is different!) This is because performing physiotherapy in your home environment means that your therapist can witness your problems first hand. […]

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Mallett Finger

What is Mallet Finger? Mallett finger is an injury to the long extensor tendon of the finger. This is the tendon that runs along the back of the finger to help us straighten our finger to reach around something before we grip it. This allows us to straighten the final bone in our fingers fully […]

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What Causes This Pain Under My Heel?

Pain under the heel can be caused by a number of different reasons. In this blog we will discuss the different causes and discuss how to determine which it might be. Careful Physiotherapy assessment will involve an in-depth assessment your particular set of symptoms to determine what might be causing your pain. Heel pain is […]

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All you need to know about your Intervertebral Discs

This blog of our ‘Basic Anatomy’ series of the body we have been doing discusses intervertebral discs. What are the myths about our intervertebral discs? There are many and varied myths out there about the risks of damage to our intervertebral discs. It can be very worrying to read labels such as ‘slipped disc’ or ‘compressed […]

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5 Top Foam Roller Moves to Maximise Your Lower Limb Flexibility

Foam rollers work on fascial movement and mobility. Fascia encompasses the different layers and tissues beneath our skin and within our bodies. The layers should all move against and past each other relatively freely, and have a good blood flow within and between layers with minimal restriction. If you have had an injury or persistent […]

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Pain in Your Thumb? It Could Be De Quervain Syndrome

De Quervain syndrome is a type of tendon injury, which occurs around the muscles that control movement of the thumb. It is also known as gamer’s thumb, washerwoman’s sprain or mummy thumb. This problem is commonly seen in workers who perform repetitive activities such as pinching, grasping, pulling or pulling but current research still has […]

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