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How Babies Learn Through Play – From Birth to 6 Months

Babies are born eager to learn and they learn through play.  Playing with your baby stimulates their brain and helps with their development.  Through play, children develop language skills, their emotions and creativity as well as their social and physical skills.  Play is natural and spontaneous for children, but these top tips can help to […]

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Advice on Strength Training For Children

Not to be confused with weight-lifting, strength training with free weights, weight machines and resistance bands can offer many benefits to children including increased muscle strength and an overall improvement to health and fitness. Is Weight Lifting Safe for Kids? Weight lifting, body building and power lifting can put too much stress on young developing […]

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The Unseen Dangers of Baby Walkers

Paediatric physiotherapists strongly recommend against putting your child in a baby walker.  In this blog post, our Head of Paediatric Physiotherapy Victoria Healey, reveals the dangers of your child using a seemingly innocuous baby walker.  If you’re thinking about buying a baby walker…then don’t!  There are two main reasons why and these include your child’s […]

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What Every Parent Ought to Know About Ride-On Toys

There are so many new and exciting ride-on toys on the market. Ranging from the simple rocking horse, to bicycles scooters and balance bikes.  These will provide your child with hours of pleasure and entertainment, whilst also helping them to develop lots of different skills and keeping them physically active in the following ways: Gross Motor […]

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