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Physiotherapy input for children with Down’s Syndrome

Down’s Syndrome is a genetic condition, which occurs when there is a trisomy, or extra copy of the 21st pair of chromosomes.  Children with Down’s Syndrome require physiotherapy as they all have some degree of gross motor delay which may be related to varying degrees of low muscle tone, muscle weakness, joint hypermobility and poor postural […]

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Could your child have Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)?

Has your child been described as ‘clumsy, awkward in movements, poor at games, hopeless in dancing and gymnastics, a bad writer or defective in concentration’? Are they ‘inattentive and cannot sit still’? Do they ‘leave their shoelaces untied, do buttons incorrectly, bump into furniture, break glassware, slip off chairs’? It could be an indication that they […]

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Does your child have knee pain?

Osgood Schlatter disease is the most common cause of knee pain in active, adolescent boys. Symptoms include pain and swelling, just below the knee at the top of the Tibia and gets worse with exercise. Osgood Schlatter disease is thought to be caused by small injuries caused by repeated overuse before the knee area has finished […]

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