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Could tape help you after injury?

Five fast facts about taping after injury  Many injuries around the body can benefit from taping techniques. It is a technique loved by some therapists but loathed by others. The reason for this split is because all too often it is the go-to treatment of choice for every condition, coupled with the fact that sometimes […]

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How can Physio help your mobility?

What is a mobility problem? Mobility problems can occur whatever age or ability you are; ranging from a child to an athlete to an elderly person. Mobility is ability to move – this can be running, walking, moving a wheelchair or walking with aids like crutches or sticks.  Your mobility may have deteriorated to some […]

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All you need to know about Tendons

Some facts about our tendons They come in varying shapes and sizes within the body They allow smooth movement around corners and are efficient pulleys for the action of our muscles.  Good example of this is our the tendons in our fingers and hands which allow the fine and precise movements we have but within […]

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3 Top Tips for Getting More Out of Your Physio Appointments

Have you booked yourself an appointment with a physiotherapist and you’re not sure what to expect? Perhaps you’re also concerned that you won’t get the most for your time and money? Whether you are seeing a private or NHS physio, your priorities won’t change hugely. You’ll want the best outcome possible with the least disruption […]

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The Benefits of Having Physio at Home

There are many great reasons to have physiotherapy at home. Within one session, it is possible for your therapist to understand your individual needs. By treating patients in their every day environments, our therapists get see their patient’s problems first hand. We can fully appreciate the goals that a patient can describe in clinic, but […]

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How To Get Your Quadriceps Muscles Working Well

The quadriceps muscles are the large muscles at the front of the thigh. There are four of them, hence quad. Because they pass over both the front of the hip joint and also the knee joint, the quadriceps muscle group can act to bend (flex) the hip and also to straighten (extend) the knee. They also […]

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