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Top Reasons for Ankle Sprain – Do these affect you?

One of the most common joints to sprain is the ankle. The ligaments around the ankle could become damaged due to: • Weakness in the muscles which cross the ankle joint, which then causes the joint itself to become more reliant on the ligaments in order to keep it stable. • Poor ankle flexibility, meaning […]

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The ultimate roller for myofascial release and to help massage and release tight muscles.  Helps to maintain release of muscles from your physiotherapy session.  The Vari-Massage Foam Roller features a range of different patterns so you can vary the intensity of the massage to suit your individual needs. Unlike many foam rollers the Vari-Massage Foam […]

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Great supports can help get rid of pain when playing sport!

Our online shop sells a wide range of supports for the knee, ankle, elbow and back. Finding you have pain when playing sport? Then have a look at our shop’s supports by clicking here. You can click through 5 pages of supports and find the right one for you. 3 Top Benefits: Next day delivery is […]

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