Breastfeeding Relief Treatments

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Breastfeeding Relief

Breastfeeding is such an incredibly different experience between individuals.  Some mothers take to it very easily and really enjoy it whereas others find it extremely hard physically and emotionally.  Pain that can arise in the boob itself or the nipple can be incredibly sore and make the mother dread feeding and in some cases stop altogether.

Lactation consultants are the first port of call if experiencing issues as they can help you learn ways of improving the latching of the baby and advise on breastfeeding positions and other problems you may be experiencing.

How Can Physiotherapy Help?

When breasts are sore and engorged it is not just milk but a mixture of excess fluid accumulation and milk.  Physiotherapists at Health2u can visit you at home and provide lymphatic massage and teach self lymphatic massage to help the fluid drain and then provide relief.  This type of massage is a very light massage and not a pummeling effect that sometimes mothers are given by other massage therapists which is painful and can cause bruising.

The physiotherapists can also provide ultrasound therapy to help unblock milk ducts that may be blocked causing problems with breastfeeding and laser therapy to the nipples to relieve soreness.  There are taping techniques that can also help to lift the breast and reduce pain of heavy boobs and improve milk supply.  All of these treatments can be provided in the comfort of your own home.

Chest, shoulder and upper back pain can also be a secondary symptom of breastfeeding positions and there are massage, manual therapy, taping techniques and exercises the physios can do to help relieve these pains.

Breastfeeding Relief Session At Home: 150sgd

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