Physiotherapy In Birmingham

PhysioComesToYou is a specialist provider of physiotherapy covering Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Birmingham is an ideal location for improving your overall health as it has more green space than any other European city. You can easily take advantage this and use one of the 571 parks to complete your appointments and treatment plan with our physiotherapists.

Birmingham is packed with culture, history, sports and architecture spanning many centuries. The city is famous for its sporting heritage and known worldwide for creating the original concept of the Football League and tennis. We understand that hectic lifestyles, family commitments and even hobbies can upset the body’s natural function leading to pain, discomfort and injuries. PhysioComesToYou is here to help you as we treat a wide range of health problems such sports injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, joint pain and osteoporosis.

Our highly skilled physiotherapists offer a comprehensive service designed to fit your lifestyle and requirements. We remove the inconvenience of attending a clinic with set hours with our flexible appointment system. You choose the time and location best suited to your schedule. We can attend your workplace, school or home at any time including the weekends and evenings.

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