Physiotherapy In Luton

Physio Comes To You in Luton


PhysioComesToYou is proud to offer our physiotherapy programmes in Luton and the surrounding area. If you are looking for treatment or rehabilitation for your sports injury, after surgery, with general physical discomfort and pain or a complex neurological condition then we are here to help you. We offer a vast selection of services including taping treatment, exercise and rehabilitation programmes, workstation assessments and pilates.

As specialists operating throughout the UK, you can rest assured that we only have your interests at heart. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled and qualified to provide treatment, guidance and advice for an effective recovery. We aim to treat your symptoms, restore your physical health and prevent the problem from returning.

Our mobile physiotherapists provide convenient and flexible appointment sessions with times and locations to suit you. We can come to your place of work, home or leisure centre. If you prefer an outside setting, you can complete your session at Great Bramingham Wood, Wardown Park or Stockwood Park. PhysioComesToYou helps you to achieve your goals and maintain your treatment without disrupting your day.


We work with experienced physiotherapists to bring the best physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques to you. They are fully qualified to provide the following services:

  • Women’s Health and Paediatric Treatments
  • Sports Massage
  • Rheumatology Physiotherapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Case Management
  • Falls Prevention Programme
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
  • Osteoporosis Programmes

Find out more about the physiotherapists covering the Luton area in their profiles below. Call or email us to book your appointment today.

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