Physiotherapy In Vila Real de Sto Antonio

Physiotherapy in Vila real de Sto Antonio

Are you looking to take advantage of the outdoors space and beach around Vila Real de Sto Antonio for your physiotherapy treatment? Here’s sandy beach and close proximity to border with Spain offers plenty of natural surroundings giving you the opportunity to perform your physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises outside.

PhysioComesToYou offers a huge selection of treatments and rehabilitation programmes to help with your health condition, injury or post surgery recovery. We specialise in home visit physiotherapy offering appointments within 24 hours at an affordable price. Many of our patients use our mobile service as we will travel to a convenient location such as your home, hotel or residence.

During the initial appointment, we complete a comprehensive assessment to take full details of your health issue and medical history then assess your range of motion, flexibility and posture. Once we have all of the relevant information, our physiotherapists will create a personalised treatment programme to suit your needs, capabilities and lifestyle.

To arrange a physiotherapist to come to you in Vila Real de Sto Antonio please phone +351 964 807 542 / +44 7413 537060 or email

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Jose qualified as a Physiotherapist from the Jean Piaget School in 2007 and has been working at Physiocomestoyou Ltd in Londonsince 2011.  He recently moved back to Portugal and and now manages Physiocomestoyou in the Algarve.  He has been working... Read More »