Sports Massage

What is a Sports Massage?

It is excellent in helping people to recover from injuries as well as preventing injuries from occurring in the first place. It works on improving health of muscle, posture, connective tissues surrounding muscles and joints and it can also enhance flexibility. The sports massage therapist will individualise the massage and techniques used to the individual needs.

The Benefits of a Sports Massage

You do not have to be an athlete for a sports massage in Singapore.

Some benefits of undergoing a sports massage include:

  • Muscle spasm relief
  • Improving the flow of your lympatic system
  • Removing any metabolic waste from exercise
  • Improving your circulation
  • Improving lymphatic system flow
  • Helping scar tissue align after an injury
  • Pain relief
  • Preparing the body for exercise and improving recovery

The sports massage can focus on one particular problem area or be carried out over the whole body. Our therapists can carry out the sports massage at your workplace, home or hotel.

What Does a Sports Massage Involve?

The type of sports massage depends on the therapist but will usually involve a combination of several techniques like trigger point release, rolling, stretching, deep stroking movements. The strength of the massage is dictated by feedback from the client and the clients tolerance levels. Commonly tightness in one area of the body can be relieved from working on another area in the body which is linked.

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