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PhysioComesToYou provides comprehensive physiotherapy, exercise and rehabilitation programmes to Coventry. Our experienced physiotherapists complete in-depth assessments and treatment to their patients at the clinic, their home or office. Alternatively, you can use the comfortable and relaxing green spaces such as War Memorial Park, Allesley Park and Coombe Country Park. These are the perfect location to receive your treatment and carry out your exercises.

We work with a range of patients suffering from sporting injuries, physical ailments, neurological conditions and musculoskeletal problems. Our goal is to increase your range of motion, improve your flexibility and reduce any associated pain or discomfort. We only use proven physiotherapy treatments to overcome your ailment, surgery or injury.

PhysioComesToYou is proud to operate Coventry, known as the city of peace and reconciliation. Coventry and Volgograd were the first cities in the world to establish a twinning relationship in the Second World War. The city is now twinned with 26 places around the world and each ward has a peace garden dedicated to the ‘twin’ city.


We offer a wide selection of treatment programmes to help you ranging from acupuncture, occupational therapy to rheumatology physiotherapy and deep tissue massage. In addition to these, we provide the following services:

  • Older Person’s Physiotherapy
  • Cardiac Rehab
  • Post Surgery Rehabilitation
  • Amputees
  • Osteoporosis Programmes
  • Prehab
  • Falls Prevention Programme
  • Oncology Physiotherapy
  • Neurological Services

Find out more about the services in Coventry in our physiotherapist profiles below. Alternatively, contact us for more information about our treatments and book your initial assessment now.

Using our Wellness & Physio Services is Simple

Home, Work or at Our Clinic

Qualified practitioners either at home, your work or our private London clinic.


Older people's care, Medico-legal / Expert witness, Back, neck, joints and muscles, Neurology inc Stroke, MS, Workplace health, Orthopaedics / Trauma, Children's physiotherapy, Pain management, Rheumatology, Sports physiotherapy, Women's health, Acupuncture, Arthritis, Vestibular rehab (balance) and much more.

Highly Experienced

All of our therapists have a minimum of 7 years experience.

Our services can help you with:

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