About Shelly Yu

Shelly is a Chartered Physiotherapist originally from Vancouver, Canada. Her interest in the human body began as a young, aspiring ballerina studying at the Canadian National. When an accident severed several nerves in her leg, Shelly began a 5-year-long rehabilitation program that taught her to walk again. This inspired her to become a physiotherapist to help others live a life of optimal independence. Upon graduating from her physiotherapy degree, Shelly began her career as a rotational physiotherapist working in various disciplines and departments, including musculoskeletal, orthopaedics, accident & emergency, intensive care, neurological rehab, paediatrics, women’s health and amputee rehab. Being a keen traveller, Shelly has developed her career around the globe, working in hospitals and clinics across Canada, France and China. Shelly is now a Specialist Neurology Physiotherapist in the NHS and provides rehabilitation for both adult and paediatric populations. She is currently completing a biomedical engineering master’s in orthotics and prosthetics. She hopes to create robotic limbs one day to better patient experience in rehabilitation.