We offer you the chance to be seen at a convenient time at work or home.

How does it work?

We provide a mat or plinth (treatment couch) and any other treatment equipment you may require.  All that is needed is an area at your work or home that is big enough to put up the plinth or spread out the mat and allow you the privacy you need.

Booking an appointment

Please contact Physiocomestoyou through phone or email.  An appointment will be then arranged at a convenient location and time for you.

Initial appointment

This will last approximately an hour and involve a thorough assessment and setting of goals along with an outline of proposed treatment and treatment as appropriate.

Follow up appointments

These will include treatments aiming to help you achieve any set goals and restore you back to work, sport or any other daily activities you may be limited with as a consequence of your injury and/or pain.


Does physiotherapy hurt?

Most physiotherapy techniques and exercises will not hurt. Though sometimes there may be some discomfort with soft tissue techniques, manual therapy, massage and stretches. This will then resolve as the body restores to a more ideal way and resolve pain in the long run.

Can physiotherapy help neck pain?

If you are suffering acute or severe pain it is best to start physiotherapy asap. The physiotherapist will have a number of techniques they can use to reduce/remove the pain and relieve restrictions in the joints and muscles of the neck. They will also teach you exercises to help. If the pain is more long term they will tend to teach a slightly different type of exercise that will work on increasing stability and strength around the neck in addition to manual therapy.

Can physiotherapy cause damage?

Physiotherapists undergo years of training and are made aware in their training of how to ensure their treatment is safe. Your physiotherapist should be registered with the Health Professions Council and they carry out a full thorough assessment prior to starting treatment then it will be very safe.

Can physiotherapy help a trapped nerve?

Nerves can be pinched as they exit between vertebrae in your spine (neck or back). A physiotherapist will be able to assess you and work out where your nerve is being pinched and then carry out manual therapy and teach exercises to help release the pinched nerve.