Care of the Older Person

Care of the elderly

As part of the aging process, the body begins to lose strength, mobility and flexibility. If left unchecked this can lead to certain health consequences.  But it is possible, with the right intervention from a therapist, to devise a programme of physiotherapy to care for the older person.

Care of the elderly involves a series of preventive and intervention measures to offer protection and improve quality of life. Our team of therapists at Physio Comes To You can offer extensive services caring for the elderly in their own home. This removes the trauma and difficulty of having to travel to appointments, meaning elderly patients can get the care they need easily.

One of the key facets of caring for the elderly at home involves assessing fall risks and implementing fall prevention.  This will ensure the safety of elderly patients by reducing the risk of injuries that can be very hard to recover from.

Role of the care of the elderly physiotherapist

The physiotherapist that specialises in caring for the elderly will first carry out an assessment of the needs, requirements and capabilities of the elderly patient in their own home or care home. They will also carry out an assessment, taking into consideration environmental factors to reduce the risk of falls and accidents. If an occupational therapy assessment by an occupational therapist is believed to be required then we can arrange this.

Fall prevention in elderly patients is extremely important, as falls can damage both physical health and confidence, particularly risking fractures which can be very difficult to recover from. A few well thought out prevention measures can help to keep elderly patients safe.

Types of care for the older person

Care for the elderly can include one or a combination of:

  1. Prevention of injury and fractures including a fall prevention programme
  2. Improvement of strength, movement and mobility through exercise programmes
  3. Osteoporosis Programmes – specific for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis
  4. Remedial massage for relaxation and pain relief
  5. Acupuncture

In order to achieve this, the therapist will call on their experience, knowledge and skill base.

To find out more about the care of elderly services we offer, get in touch for an assessment or to chat about what we do.

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