Sports Massage

What is a Sports Massage?

It is excellent in helping to treat injuries as well as preventing injuries from happening. It works on improving health of muscle, posture, connective tissues surrounding muscles and joints and also can enhance flexibility. The sports massage therapist will individualise the massage and techniques used to the individual.

The Benefits of a Sports Massage


You do not have to be an athlete for sports massage London services to be beneficial. Some of the beneficial effects of undergoing a sports massage London service include:

  • improving your blood circulation flow
  • improving the flow of your lympatic system
  • removing any metabolic waste from exercise
  • relieving muscle spasm
  • improving muscle flexibility
  • helping the optimum laying down of scar tissue after an injury
  • working on nerve endings
  • relief of pain
  • preparing the body for exercise

The massage can be directed at one specific area or over the whole body and it can be carried out at your workplace, home or hotel.

What Does a Sports Massage Consist of?

Each therapist has their own techniques but they will usually consist of a variety of techniques, such as long stroking movements through the muscles and connective tissue or more localised techniques on specific problem points. The therapist can also put the body on stretch whilst carrying out the techniques. Different depths and strength of massage are adapted to the individual’s needs and tolerance. The therapist can also detect a problem that may be actually a result of tightness somewhere else in the body and by treating that area, get rid of the problem.