Exercise and Rehab Programmes

Physiotherapists are specifically trained in providing exercises and rehab programmes to regain strength and movement after an injury or operation. These programmes can also be set to correct any movement restrictions or loss of strength issues that are contributing to your pain, whether acute or chronic.

We are also able to provide easy to understand exercise sheets so that you can do the set exercises independently between treatment sessions.

What are rehab programmes? 

A rehab program after an injury or surgery is always advised to be taught by a physiotherapist.  This is because they will fully assess you first before teaching the exercises and then teach ones that are safe for you to do.  At each physiotherapy session in your rehab program the physiotherapist will check you are doing the exercises properly and progress you onto more difficult exercises when ready.  They can then go through the exercises with your personal trainer if you are keen to do them also as part of your gym routine.  Our physiotherapists do need to see you doing the exercises with the personal trainer to make sure they are being carried out safely.  Otherwise you could cause yourself further injury.

As well as teaching you exercises there are other treatments that the physiotherapist can do to help speed up your recovery including manual therapy, massage, walking re-education, sport re-education, advice, taping and acupuncture.

How do rehab programs work? 

A rehab program is a ‘recovery program’.  The aim is to help you recover and get back to or as close to the way you were before the injury or surgery you have had.  The injury may be a result of of sport, falling over or another accident.  The surgery may be surgery from choice or as a result of having an accident.