Kensiology taping

Kensiology taping

Some of our physiotherapists are trained in an advanced form of taping called kinesiology taping. Applying this tape allows support around the underlying body structure without restricting movement or blood supply.

What can it help?

  • swelling
  • pain
  • help to restore correct movement of the body
  • restores correct muscle function which helps to improve the body’s healing process
  • influences nerves, blood flow and other body systems to improve body’s healing process

What is kensiology taping?

There are different tapes that physiotherapists can use. Kenisology tape is unique as it is meant to be like human skin in being the same thickness and stretchy and elastic. It can benefit a number of different conditions such as reduce pain, protect and prevent injured body parts, boost muscle function, reduce swelling and help inflammatory problems. It is made to be like human skin so that it can be worn without restricting you being able to move properly.

Some conditions it can be used for:

How does kenisology taping work?

It moves with your body and supports the body part helping to reduce pain or protecting the joint. It can help muscle function by giving a touch feedback to the muscle, which can enhance an athletes performance or help someone who has low muscle tone ie after a stroke. The tape can help reduce swelling helping the lymphatic system to work better and drain the swollen tissue quicker than without the tape.