Falls Prevention Programmes

Why are Falls Prevention Programmes important?

Recent Evidence summarised by Age UK has shown that falls and fractures in people over 65 make up for over 4 million hospital bed days in England alone and the healthcare cost for fractures associated is approximately £2 billion per year.  After a fall an older person has a 50% probability of having significantly reduced mobility and makes them feel more vulnerable and less independent.  1 in 10 people who fall become afraid to leave their homes in case they fall again.

A falls prevention programme tailored to the individual person can reduce falls by approximately 54%.  The programme helps to address any hazards in the home, related medical problems and increase strength, mobility, flexibility, coordination and balance.  Evidence states that a minimum of 50 hours of exercise over a period of time such as 6 months should be advised with the 50 hours being made up of 2-3 sessions a week with your physio and on your own with your family or carer.

Why choose our Falls Prevention Programme?

  • we offer 3 different levels of programme
  • tailored to the individual rather than generalised programme
  • carried out in the individuals home or care home
  • we work closely with carers and family members to ensure carry over of the exercises between physio sessions
  • we progress the exercises to ensure continued improvement
  • one to one sessions enable us to challenge you
  • practice of getting up from from the floor safely (as if had a fall)

What do our Falls Prevention Programme include?

We offer 3 types of programme.  All programmes include the following:

  • Initial Appointment – a home hazard check and hazards removed, medical history taking, assessment of your flexibility, strength, coordination, balance and mobility.  After the assessment you will be provided a starting set of exercises tailored to your needs.
  • Exercise equipment kit – includes ankle weight, 3 exercise bands, balance cushion and exercise ball
  • Printed out exercise programme with pictures – updated version provided after each follow up session
  • Referral onto one of our Occupational Therapists if home adaptations required
  • Report writing to your GP if medical related problems need to be addressed
  • Follow up sessions (45 mins each) which aim to check and progress exercises as appropriate

Basic Programme – Initial Appointment and 5 follow ups over course of 6 months – £539.99 (inc.exercise kit)

Intermediate Programme – Initial Appointment and 10 follow ups over course of 6 months – £945.99 (inc. exercise kit)

Advanced Programme – Initial Appointment and 20 follow ups over course of 6 months – £1754.99 (inc. exercise kit)