Speech & Language Therapy

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech and language therapy (SALT) is concerned with managing disorders of speech, language, swallowing and communication of both adults and children.

How is Speech and Language Therapy performed?

The speech and language therapist is trained to assess and treat children and adults with speech, language and communication problems. They can also assess and help people with problems eating or swallowing. They will perform certain tests to assess production of sounds and ways of communication. Then a diagnosis will be made and a treatment programme developed that the therapist will encourage family members and carers to work on with the client to gain faster results.

What conditions can our Speech & Language Therapists help?

  • Communication of eating and swallowing problems following:
    • neurological impairments eg. Stroke, head injury, parkinsons
    • degenerative conditions including dementia
    • cancer of the head, neck and throat
  • Problems with voice and hearing
  • Stammering
  • Delay in speaking
  • Difficulty producing sounds
  • Autism and selective mutism
  • Cleft palate

How does Speech and Language difficulties affect development?

If a child seems to be having difficulties in speech it may not actually be a speech disorder but just a speech delay. It is not definitive when help should be sought but if your child between the age of 1 and 2 has difficulty with the following it may be worth considering have an assessment by a trained Speech and Language Therapist.

  • Difficulty understanding what is said
  • Child is not playing in the way you would expect at their age
  • Difficulty with listening skills
  • Speech is not developing or only has developed slightly

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